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How to draw a fairy using simple and fun examples

How To Draw A Fairy Using Simple And Fun Examples

These lessons on how to draw a fairy are filled with cute characters that are easy to illustrate. I will show you how to create a few simple versions using mostly rectangles, circles and oval shapes. Unlike some tutorials from this site, no characters are created using complex shadows, patterns, highlights or weird textures. All you need to know is how to sketch basic shapes and draw simple lines.

Fairies are mythical creatures often depicted with wings and some sort of magical stick. These characters are usually very small, often only a few inches in height. We can find them everywhere, from books, movies, music and modern culture. We can trace the first fairies a few centuries ago. Let's see how we can draw fairies in just a few easy steps using all lessons below. :)

Using rectangles to draw a delicate character

Our first fairy clipart is created mostly from rectangles. This particular shape might seem inappropriate for such a delicate character. However, we can make it work if we are using other smoother shapes to complete this tutorial. First, draw the head and body using these sharp rectangles. Feet are made from curved lines.

You can draw hair using long curved lines. Arms are made from more small lines. Eyes and pupils are created using very large circles. Notice how a portion of these circles are cropped by the head of the fairy. Complete this lesson by adding short wings and a long curved smile. A few plain colors are added inside our subject.

How To Draw A Fairy

A more traditional version using beautiful circles

Now that we have seen that drawing a cute character using rectangle is possible, let's draw a fairy using perfect circles. This version is the most popular version of this character that you can find on the site. First, sketch the head using an oval shape with a narrower top. The body is made from a square and the skirt from a rectangle.

Add hair using long curved lines. Arms and legs are done with more cute curved lines. Since the subject is flying, both feet are up (behind the creature). Draw large eyes and pupils using circles. Wings are represented by long rectangle with smooth ends. Add plain colors and you are finished! Unlike all versions found here, this character doesn't have any outlines.

How To Draw A Fairy

Let's use perspective to create something different

Learning how to draw a fairy made from basic shapes is easy, but what happens if we are working with a different perspective? In this lesson, the character is facing us while the body is visible from a slight angle. Both the head and body are done using circles. Arms are tiny compared to the hands.

Wings are large and made from irregular lines. Feet are tiny and created using triangles. It's the only character who is NOT filled with plain colors. Instead, the fairy is colored using gradients. This creature is happy, that's why it's important to create a large open mouth with a visible tongue.

How To Draw A Fairy

Learning how to draw a fairy using irregular lines

The posture of this cartoon fairy is slightly more complex than all previous tutorials. Both arms and hands are active as we can see below. The head is represented by a large circular shape. Hair is done using curved lines. Wings are also large and not very constant.

A simple pattern is created on the skirt of the fairy. The face is pretty basic. Eyes are made from dots and the mouth is done using a long curved line. Plain colors are added inside the illustration once all body parts are created. The magical stick is filled with both colors found inside the dress.

How To Draw A Fairy

Nice work! I hope you had fun learning how to draw a fairy using all examples found on this page. Don't hesitate to draw more cartoon fairies using all tips and techniques learned here. Since these are mythical creatures, you can use your imagination and add more features, more textures and more patterns. More lessons from this series can be found here.

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