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how to draw a dwarf ready for some action

How To Draw A Dwarf

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a dwarf that looks appealing and cute in just ten easy steps. This little creature is often depicted in popular culture. Dwarfs are short, strong and often wearing a helmet and some kind of primitive weapon. That's exactly the type of character we will try to illustrate in this fun step-by-step tutorial. Ready? Let's proceed with the first step now.

drawing the cartoon dwarf using basic shapes

First, let's create a template made from basic shapes. This step is important since our goal is to create guidelines that will help us work on proportions and the posture. The head is represented by a large circular shape. A rectangle is added on top to form the helmet. Both horns are depicted with sharp triangles.

The body is made from a large rectangle. This one must be the same width as the head. Arms and hands are made from short rectangles and circles. The legs and feet are done using more rectangles. Notice how both legs are thin and quite separated one from another.

How To Draw A Dwarf

It's now time to sketch the creature using short and long curved lines. Shapes created earlier are now colored in gray. This will make this step easier to read. First, you can work on the helmet using short lines with pointed ends. Horns are thick and pointed. Don't forget to draw a beard made from several tiny lines.

The body is large and short. Legs and arms are also thick and short. The right hand of the character (on the left) is holding a shield made from long curved lines. The other hand is holding a large weapon. Once you are done drawing all lines, you can erase the shapes created in previous step. We don't need them anymore.

How To Draw A Dwarf

Inside the head, you can draw the eyes using perfect circles. Pupils are made from small dots. Two more lines are needed to complete the top of the beard. The third line in the middle is used to form the nose. Another long curved line is sketched to illustrate the mouth of the cartoon dwarf.

Around the waist, you can draw a large belt made from rectangle shapes. Inside the belt (and near the middle), two simple squares are created. The belt can be slightly larger than the waist.

How To Draw A Dwarf

More details must be added inside this illustration. You can start by drawing a few spikes on the helmet. Spikes drawn inside the helmet are made from circles while the ones located on the sides are done using lines. More tiny circles are also drawn inside the shield.

Small lines are sketched on both knees. Finally, you can draw a line near the blade of the weapon. Two small circles are created on the handle. Nice work! This lesson on how to draw a dwarf is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Dwarf

It's time to add colors inside the cartoon dwarf. This one is mostly colored in brown and gray. First, you can add two different brown colors inside the helmet and clothing. Pants can be slightly brighter. More brown colors are needed for the belt as well as inside the handle of the weapon.

The pupils can be filled with a bright blue color. The beard of the character can be colored in orange. The center part of the belt must be yellow and gray. A light gray color is also needed for the horns, the blade and the spikes. Three different gray colors are added inside the shield.

How To Draw A Dwarf

Now that the creature is drawn and colors are added, let's create a few simple shadows. Unlike some lessons from this site, all we need to do here is to sketched new shapes filled with plain colors. In all cases, shadows are just slightly darker than the shapes they are sitting on.

For this first step on how to add shadows, you can create new shapes inside the helmet and below the hand holding the weapon. More elements are created below the arms and on the legs. You can see the new additions below (surrounded by a temporary blue stroke).

How To Draw A Dwarf

We are not done yet! More shadows can be drawn on the left side of the beard and below the mouth. The belt can also be filled with a few simple shadows. Excellent work! This lesson on how to draw a dwarf is almost over.

How To Draw A Dwarf

You can also draw subtle shadows on the skin of the cartoon character. Circles can be drawn around the eyes and more shapes are created on the hands and on the left side of the face.

How To Draw A Dwarf

All gray areas can also be filled with cute subtle shadows. In this step, you can draw new elements near the bottom of the horns as well as on the shield. You can complete this lesson by drawing two small shadows on the blade of the weapon.

How To Draw A Dwarf

nice work learning how to draw a dwarf like this one!

Nice work! This lesson on how to draw a dwarf using basic shapes, lines and colors in now completed. Of course, this cartoon version was just a simple example of mine. Don't hesitate to draw more cool dwarfs using different accessories, colors and shapes. You can draw funny creatures, angry ones or realistic ones. Possibilities are endless. As long as you are practicing on a daily basis, that's the important thing to remember.

How To Draw A Dwarf
How To Draw A Dwarf

Above you can see all the steps required to draw this fun cartoon dwarf grouped into a single illustration. Take your time to study all steps and you should be fine! Now that we are done with this mystical creature, feel free to try more cute characters from the same series here. :)

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