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How to Draw A Duck in just a few easy steps

How To Draw A Duck In Just A Few Easy Steps

Learning how to draw a duck made from rectangles can seem like an awkward exercise. Indeed, ducks are usually sketch using circles, oval shapes and long curved lines. Drawing a version made from sharp shapes like rectangles and squares doesn't feel natural.

It's still a nice exercise to help you illustrate this character quickly and easily. Working with such shapes can make the whole drawing process easier. Assembling square shapes is definitely easier. Ready? Let's see how we can end up with a fun character in just six easy steps using unique shapes and lines.

adding the head and body using a square

First, you can draw a simple square to form the body of the cartoon duck. This shape will also be used to represent the head. Remember to leave some room on both sides and below the shape to create more body parts later in this tutorial.

How To Draw A Duck

drawing a simple beak with a triangle

Inside the square, you can sketch a large triangle to form the beak. This new shape can be long and large near the top. For this lesson, the beak is located on the left side of the head. Once again, leave some space on top of the beak so that we can draw the eyes later.

How To Draw A Duck

creating a wing and the tail

On the right of the beak, you can sketch a wing using a simple square. This new element is located on the far side of the body (and also near the bottom). You can learn more about the placement of this shape in the image below.

It's also time to sketch the tail of the cartoon duck using a small triangle. This one is located on the bottom right of the main square. Nice work! This lesson on how to draw a duck is progressing nicely. :)

How To Draw A Duck

sketching fun legs using more basic shapes

Below the main shape, you can draw the legs using thin rectangles. The one located on the left can be shorter. This simple technique can help create a little bit of depth. Feet made from triangles can also be drawn on the bottom of the legs.

How To Draw A Duck

adding eyes to complete this lesson on how to draw a duck

On top of the beak, you can draw the eyes using simple dots. Notice how both eyes are close to each other. Excellent work! Now that the cartoon duck is completed, only one step is remaining.

How To Draw A Duck

working with colors to bring the animal to life

If you have access to a vector application, then you can use gradients to create more depth and volume inside the animal. This fun duck is filled with a bright yellow color. The legs and the beak are colored in orange. For the eyes, you can keep a basic black color.

How To Draw A Duck

Nice work! Below you can see all steps once the character is completed. Feel free to use this image as a reference if you need more help drawing the animal.

How To Draw A Duck In Just A Few Easy Steps

I hope you had fun illustrating this fun duck. Additional cartoon ducks from this site can be drawn below. One of them is also made from squares while other characters are created from circles, oval shapes and curved lines. Have fun and don't forget to practice on a daily basis.

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