How to Draw A Duck

Learn how to draw a duck in this easy step-by-step tutorial! To do this, you will use the two easiest basic shapes to sketch available: squares, rectangles and triangles.

Using the six steps displayed below, you should be able to reproduce this animal easily and rapidly if you don't mine practicing a little.

Each animal is unique and it is easier to capture the physical uniqueness of each character when this one is drawn with few details and simple and basic shapes.

This duck is very easy to draw with its body made of a square and its beak created with a triangle! Don't forget the simple eyes illustrated with small dots and the wings made with a single square! To turn this drawing lesson into a successful experience, just take your time, study this character carefully and enjoy!

Step 1

How to draw a duck

Step 2

How to draw a duck

Step 3

How to draw a duck

Step 4

How to draw a duck

Step 5

How to draw a duck

Step 6

How to draw a duck

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