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How to draw a doughnut covered with delicious icing

How To Draw A Doughnut

Learning how to draw a doughnut made covered with a delicious coating of chocolate and filled with sweet candies is definitely not a hard task. Of course, it might be more difficult to achieved if you are ... extremely hungry! In this lesson, I will show you how to create this fun treat using only a few basic shapes and simple digital effects. It's a simple tutorial that should lead to a yummy result. Ready? Let's proceed with the first step now ...

Drawing the basic shape of the doughnut

First, let's draw the basic shape of the subject using mostly curved lines. This food doesn't have a perfect silhouette, so it's important to draw this part using irregular lines. Don't forget to add the chocolate coating using more curved lines on top of the cartoon doughnut.

How To Draw A Doughnut

adding gradient colors

Next, we can add colors inside both shapes using gradient fills. The bottom of the doughnut is colored with a subtle brown / orange color while the chocolate coating is brown. Notice how the bottom of both shapes is darker while the top is slightly brighter. You can use the same technique for the part visible inside the hole.

How To Draw A Doughnut

adding a few basic effects

So far, all we did was draw the shape of the cartoon doughnut and add gradient colors inside the subject. To make this one visually more appealing (and more delicious), we need to add a few basic effects to create more depth and volume.

These new shadows are mostly added around the hole for this step. The one on top and near the bottom are brighter while the one located inside the hole is darker. All these new shapes are partially transparent to create a subtle and realistic result.

How To Draw A Doughnut

More shadows to add even more depth

Two more shadows can be added on the cartoon doughnut to create more volume inside the illustration. In both cases, the new shapes are added just below the chocolate coating and both shapes are also partially transparent. One last step is needed to create the perfect doughnut ...

How To Draw A Doughnut

adding a few candies on the cartoon doughnut

On top of the doughnut, draw small rectangles colored in pink and green. You can also draw a small (and subtle) shadow below each and every new shape. Cool! This illustration is getting even more delicious now!

How To Draw A Doughnut

nice work learning how to draw a doughnut

Learning how to draw a doughnut is not a difficult task if you are able to create simple digital effects quickly and effectively. Indeed, the shape of the subject is relatively easy to draw. Creating all these effects is probably your biggest challenge.

How To Draw A Doughnut
How To Draw A Doughnut

Above you can see all steps required to illustrate this cartoon doughnut properly. Don't forget to practice often if you want to get better at drawing. Now that you are familiar with the creation of a doughnut, are you ready to learn how to draw more cartoon food using all tutorials available here?

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