How to Draw A Dog that is cute and adorable

This simple tutorial will give you some tips on how to draw a dog easily in eight simple steps. Drawing a cartoon dog is not something too difficult to achieved! You just need to study carefully their anatomy and understand how their body is working. This simple tutorial is gonna give you some tips to learn to draw a dog easily using some basic shapes and a little bit of observation!

You can start with the simple video found below. Then, you can enjoy the written version of this lesson and learn a different approach on how to illustrate this cool cartoon dog. :)

Step 1

First, sketch a rectangle to create the jaw of your animal. Once you are done, add a circle near the top right corner of your original shape. Don't make it too big since this particular character won't have a large forehead.

Step 2

Next, work on the rest of the head of your dog. Add two plain circles to form the eyes. Like you can see on the image above, the previous circle drawn for the forehead is almost hidden by the eyes of your character. Next, add two rectangles to create each ear. The first rectangle should be small and narrow to illustrate the base of the ear. The other one can be large and ticker.

Step 3

Continue sketching by adding a circle to form the nose. Then, add two rectangles to create the body of your dog. Like you can see on the illustration above, the second rectangle is slightly larger on the bottom and narrower on top.

Step 4

The legs and the back legs are usually difficult to draw for beginners. Just follow these next steps to achieved your goal! For the legs in front of your character, just add two small rectangles. Once you are done, draw a circle and a rectangle on each side of your animal to form the back legs. 

Step 5

Now that our animal is sketched roughly, let's refine some of the outlines! Work on the head and the body of the character to create a smooth and accurate outline.

Step 6

Once you're finished, you can also work on the ears of your cartoon dog. Don't hesitate to draw ears that are curved and thin. You can add details like the pupils and the mouth (and tongue) of your character.

Step 7

Finally, refine the outline of the legs and back legs of your dog. Don't make them too big. Otherwise, your animal will look more like a puppy than a dog.

Step 8

And there you have it! A nice and friendly cartoon dog drawn in only eight easy steps. You can add the color of your choice to give a more professional look to your artwork. This lesson is now over. You know how to draw a dog that will be cute, amusing and interesting for your audience.

Don't hesitate to draw another one using your own style. You can also try more fun cartoon dogs from this site using the list below. Have fun sketching cute dogs that are easy to create and fun to look at. :)

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