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How to Draw a Diamond that really shines!

How To Draw A Diamond That Really Shines!

Learning how to draw a diamond that shines can be done using this simple step-by-step lesson. I will show you a simple technique to illustrate this object using basic shapes, lines and colors. You can definitely create a more complex version using cool effects and colors. But, drawing a simpler version that looks cool can also easily be done.

This gemstone is definitely one of the most popular decorative item on earth. The weight is measured in carats and the clarity (inclusion) is also a huge factor to determine the value of a diamond. Cutting a diamond demands a lot of skills. Let's see how we can draw a solid diamond in just a few steps using the lesson found below.

Sketching the top of the object using a hexagon

First, let's draw the shape of a hexagon to form the top of the diamond. As you can see below, the diamond is kind of "flat". Notice how all edges are different sizes. Both ends are pointed and you can draw a line in the middle to get prepared for the next step.

How To Draw A Diamond That Really Shines!

adding more faces using short straight lines

Below the hexagon, you can add three more faces using more short straight lines. You can see the pattern that needs to be created below. It's important to make sure that the object is symmetrical. A nice cartoon diamond needs to be perfect to have a higher value! ;)

How To Draw A Diamond That Really Shines!

drawing the bottom part of the object

Three additional faces can be drawn below the object. To illustrate this part of the diamond, you need to use long pointed triangles. The green line sketches previously is now needed. Make sure that the tip of the object (near the bottom) is centered properly. Once the bottom part of the diamond is done, you can erase the green line and proceed with the next step.

How To Draw A Diamond That Really Shines!

adding plain colors to bring this object to life

Inside the diamond, you can add plain colors. For this version of the object, a few light blue colors were used. The faces located on the left of the illustration are darker while the faces on the right are brighter. We could end this lesson here and enjoy a nice cartoon diamond made from basic shapes, but let's add one additional step.

How To Draw A Diamond That Really Shines!

we need to create a shiny diamond!

All faces are currently filled with plain colors. You could play with gradients, add shadows and create complex highlights to end up with a more advanced drawing. Since this lesson must be easy, let's try something else. All you need to do for this step is sketch a few bright shapes on all faces. You can see all these new elements below.

How To Draw A Diamond That Really Shines!

nice work learning how to draw a diamond using basic shapes

This is the final version once all shapes, lines and colors are added to the object. It's a simple tutorial to complete if you are able to draw perfect shapes easily. Like I said previously, adding more complex digital effects can also be done if you want to end up with a more professional result.

How To Draw A Diamond That Really Shines!

You can see all steps required to learn how to draw a diamond from basic shapes below. Simply study this illustration carefully if you want to see all steps simultaneously.

How To Draw A Diamond That Really Shines!

Now that we are done with this tutorial, feel free to try more cool objects from this site below. Have fun with these additional lessons and don't forget to practice on a daily basis. :)

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