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How to Draw A Deer using mostly squares and triangles

How To Draw A Deer Using Mostly Squares And Triangles

You can learn how to draw a deer made from squares and rectangles using this basic step-by-step tutorial. Drawing an appealing version of this cute animal using rough shapes like rectangles is possible. Of course, deer are usually drawn using long curved lines, circles and oval shapes. That's why creating a version with squares can be a fun challenge.

Our goal for this lesson will be to create the simplest version possible. We will also use just a few shapes to do so. Even the antlers are only represented by a simple rectangle. As long as we can recognize the animal, our goal will be reached. Ready? Let's proceed with the first step now. :)

drawing the body

First, let's sketch a simple rectangle to form the body of the character. This one must be placed horizontally. You can leave some space on top and below the shape. Make sure this shape is large enough to contain the head. Indeed, this one will be drawn inside the body.

How To Draw A Deer

creating the head using another thin rectangle

Next, you can sketch the head using another rectangle. This one must be placed vertically. This new shape must be thinner than the original shape. The head is located on top of the body, aligned with the left side of the shape. Great! This lesson on how to draw a deer is now more tangible.

How To Draw A Deer

sketching legs using more small rectangles

On the bottom part of the head, you can draw a nose using a horizontal rectangle. Four additional rectangles are needed to illustrate the legs. These new shapes must be vertical. Notice how the leg on the right is aligned with the body. It's not the case with the leg located on the far left of the image.

How To Draw A Deer

working on the ears and the antlers

On top of the head, you can sketch the antlers using three small rectangles. These new shapes are short and thin. You can see the pattern used on the illustration found below. Great work!

Next, you can draw both ears using small triangles that are also perfectly aligned with the top of the body. For the tail, another small triangle can be used. This cartoon deer is now easily recognizable even if some elements are missing.

How To Draw A Deer

adding the hooves and the eyes

Inside the head, you can draw the eyes using small dots. Notice how both eyes are close to each other. Once you are done working on the face, you can draw the hooves using irregular rectangles. This is it for the drawing aspect of this lesson. It's now time to bring this cartoon animal to life!

How To Draw A Deer

how to draw a deer using beautiful colors

The deer is mostly filled with brown colors. Only the hooves, the eyes and the nose are black. For the antlers, a simple beige color is needed. Notice how gradients were also used to give more depth and volume to the subject. Indeed, most shapes are now brighter on top and slightly darker near the bottom.

How To Draw A Deer

Drawing a cute cartoon deer is feasible if you take the time needed to study all previous steps carefully. More fun animals from this site can also be drawn below. Have fun and remember to practice on a daily basis. It's the key to becoming better at drawing. :)

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