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How to draw a cucumber that looks delicious

How to draw a cucumber

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a cucumber using a simple step-by-step lesson using a vector application. You will have the opportunity to create simple textures and patterns using basic tips that can be applied on any illustration. For now, let's see how we can draw a juicy and delicious cucumber in just a few easy steps starting with a short video ...

a simple video to enjoy the creative process

First, you can watch the lesson below to enjoy the creative process behind the making of this vegetable. As you can see, the cucumber was drawn on a piece of paper before being created into a vector application. Once you are done, simply scroll down to start the written version of this tutorial.

Drawing the silhouette of the cartoon cucumber

You can start by drawing the silhouette of our subject using irregular lines with pointed ends. Notice the addition of small humps all around the subject. The right area of the cucumber is made of a circle also created with an irregular line.

How to draw a cucumber

adding small details inside the vegetable

Inside the cucumber, sketch more humps made of tiny curved lines. On the circular shape, draw a second circle (this one must be slightly smaller than the main one). Next, create three simple patterns using curved lines and add seeds in all three areas.

How to draw a cucumber

working with colors and gradients

To create some depth quickly and easily, you can use gradients inside the illustration using a wide variety of green colors. The main area is filled with a dark and saturated color. The sliced portion of the vegetable can be slightly brighter. Humps are darker while seeds are much brighter.

How to draw a cucumber

adding a second color and a simple shadow

Most cucumbers are not completely green. Some parts of the vegetable are also filled with a light yellow color. You can see this one on the left side of the cartoon cucumber below. Notice how these new shapes are also partially transparent to create a more subtle result.

A simple shadow is created on the right of the subject. This one is dark and also partially transparent. Good work! One more step is required to make this delicious cucumber even more appealing.

How to draw a cucumber

simple highlights to create the final product

This lesson on how to draw a cucumber wouldn't be completed without the addition of cool highlights on both (main) areas. Just like the shadows created earlier, these new shapes must be partially transparent to create a perfect illusion.

How to draw a cucumber

good job learning how to draw a cucumber!

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a cartoon cucumber like the one found on this page. Although it is made with a vector application (and some cool digital effect), this version is still pretty basic. You can definitely try to draw more cucumbers and add more textures, patterns and shadows.

How to draw a cucumber
How to draw a cucumber

All steps required to draw this vegetable properly can be seen in the illustration above. If you still feel like drawing (instead of taking a pause to eat delicious cucumbers), you can definitely try more lesson from the same series here. Have fun!

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