How to Draw A Crown

Learn how to draw a crown filled with fun details and amazing visual effects! This fun object is quite interesting to illustrate. Drawing shiny objects is always a nice challenge, but it's even more fascinating when the drawing can be done with a vector application. 

Indeed, vector drawing is perfect to create cold, metallic objects filled with shadows, reflections and highlights. I will show you how to create a fun cartoon crown like the one shown below using mostly a few basic shapes and some easy tips to help you enhance your work quickly and efficiently. 

Step 1

First, draw the crown using simple curved lines and basic shapes (like circles and rectangles). As you can see below, you don't need to sketch something complex to create a fun cartoon crown. Something simple can be perfect.

Step 2

Next, add plain colors on each element of the illustration. You can fill the diamonds in blue, the diamonds on top in red and the crown with a golden color. The large circular shape on the back can be drawn using a bright red color. 

Step 3

Using the gradient fill tool available in your vector application, you can add a second color to each shape to create darker areas, For example, the large rectangle can be filled with a bright golden color on top and a darker one on the bottom. 

Step 4

Great! It's now time to add a few more shapes to create shadows that are more visible and effective. On each blue and red diamond, draw a larger shape that must be placed below the original one to create a shadow on the crown. You can also draw a small curved shape on each diamond to give more depth to these elements. Below, new shapes are illustrated with pink outlines. 

Step 5

Next, you can draw more additional shapes to create even more shadows on the cartoon crown. Don't forget to use transparency to partially hide these shapes otherwise the result will be too dark and unrealistic. 

Step 6

Nice work! Let's take a pause in this lesson on how to draw a crown to look at the result so far ...

Step 7

Let's move on with the addition of white shapes on all diamonds (red and blue). Once again, use transparency to partially hide the bottom part of these new elements. 

Step 8

Finally, you can duplicate most shapes of the crown itself and reduce the size of all new shapes to 90%. Then, color these shapes in white and use transparency to create a subtle effect. The goal is to create bright areas to illustrate how shiny this object is. 

Now you know how to draw a crown with cool effects! :)

Nice work! With all these additions, our cartoon crown is now visually amazing and the path to get there was rather simple and easy to achieved. Don't hesitate to try more tutorials from the same series and I hope you had fun learning how to draw a crown like the one shown below. Enjoy! :)

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