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how to draw a creature with an amazing look

How To Draw A Creature

Learning how to draw a creature made from weird body parts can be a fun experience. Indeed, monsters and fictional characters are perfect for those looking for an opportunity to unleash their creativity. You can basically draw whatever you want without the fear of creating something unrealistic.

For this tutorial. I will show you how to create a simple cartoon creature made from basic shapes and lines. This character doesn't have arms which is quite interesting. Ready? Let's see how we can draw this fun cartoon monster in just a few easy steps.

drawing the cartoon creature using basic shapes and lines

First, let's create a simple template made from basic shapes to help us illustrate this creature. It's a good opportunity to work on proportions too. You can start by sketching a large rectangle that will be used to represent the forehead.

Two additional (and smaller) rectangles are used to form the jaw. Notice that the mouth of the monster is opened. Next, work on the neck using another short rectangle. The body is made from a large oval shape and the tail is done with two triangular shapes.

How To Draw A Creature

It's now time to draw the character using several curved lines. All shapes created in the previous step are now colored in gray. This will make it easier to read the current step. Start by creating the head and the ear. A large eye can be added in the middle of the head.

Make sure the mouth is wide opened and sketch a few lines to form the neck. The body is round and the back leg is thick. Complete this step by creating a thin tail made from pointed lines. Good work! This lesson on how to draw a creature is off to a good start.

How To Draw A Creature

On top of the head, draw a second ear using more short lines. Another curved line is added near the eye. The nose is represented by a single line. Inside the mouth, you can sketch the teeth and a large tongue. Finally, you can draw long tails on the tip of both feet.

How To Draw A Creature

On the back of the head, let's create a few spikes using small triangles made from curved lines. Patches are added on the forehead and the belly of the cartoon creature. Nice work! This subject is now completely drawn. Let's proceed to the next step ...

How To Draw A Creature

adding gradients and a few basic effects

Now that the body parts are all created, let's add colors using gradients. Indeed, gradients are perfect to create a little bit of depth inside an illustration. Notice how spikes are brighter near the end, but darker closer to the head.

You can use this technique on all parts of the character. For this version of the creature clipart, you can use a light blue color inside the body. Patches can be yellow, just like the eye. The pupil and the tongue are filled with bright red colors. 

How To Draw A Creature

Creating simple shadows is also a good idea if you want to create a more realistic illustration. These new elements must be filled with a dark color. Using transparency (and playing with the opacity of shadows) is also crucial. Indeed, shadows are often soft, subtle and barely noticeable.

Let's start this step by adding a large shape around the eye. The right side of the shape is almost invisible white the left part is dark and saturated. More shadows can be drawn on the left side of the head, on the neck, the tail and around the back leg.

How To Draw A Creature

More shadows are needed to create this cool character. You can draw a thin shape above the eye to increase the contrast with the upper eyelid. Shapes are also created inside the teeth as shown in the illustration below. Now that all shadows were added to the drawing, let's do something slightly different ...

How To Draw A Creature

Instead of creating shadows using darker shapes, let's add reflections and highlights. In this case, we also need to work with transparency in order to create a subtle result. Instead of drawing darker shapes, we need to draw bright ones. You can draw highlights on top of the head of the cartoon creature. More reflections are created inside the pupil, on the belly as well as on the back leg.

How To Draw A Creature

nice work learning how to draw a creature that looks adorable!

Now that all steps are completed, you should end up with a creature like the one found below. Even if the result is different, it doesn't matter! Like I said earlier, monsters can be anything you can think of. Possibilities are endless. You can draw monsters with seven eyes, three arms, a single tooth or twelve feet. It's all up to you! Don't hesitate to play with the posture of your subject too. Drawing cool textures and changing colors can also be a good idea.

How To Draw A Creature
How To Draw A Creature

Now that this lesson on how to draw a creature is completed, you are invited to try more adorable cartoon characters from the same series here. More cute monsters are also available below. Just keep practicing and have fun! :)

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