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How to Draw A Crab from squares and triangles

How To Draw A Crab From Squares And Triangles

You can learn how to draw a crab using simple curved lines, circles and oval shapes. It's also possible to illustrate this lovely animal using rectangles, squares and straight lines. We will concentrate on the latter. Since sketching these basic shapes is relatively easy to do, then you should be able to assemble this cartoon crab easily.

If you prefer to draw a more traditional version of this character, then you will find a list of additional crabs to work with on the bottom of this drawing lesson. Ready? Let's proceed with the first step now. :)

Sketching a rectangle to form the body

First, you can sketch a small rectangle to form the body of the cartoon animal. This shape is placed horizontally. It's important to leave some space all around the rectangle so that we can add more body parts later in this drawing lesson.

How To Draw A Crab

It's time to add some parts of the body

Now that the body is created, you can start by drawing two small rectangles on top of the original shape. These new additions will be used to form the claws. On the bottom of the illustration, you can draw two long pointed triangles to represent two of the legs.

How To Draw A Crab

adding more legs using short triangles

On both sides of the body, you can draw more legs using four pointed triangles. You can see the shapes needed as well as the orientation of the triangles in the image below. Nice work! This lesson on how to draw a crab is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Crab

working on the claws of the cartoon crab

Now that the bottom part of the creature is completed, we can work on the upper part. Crabs are gifted with large claws usually represented with sharp triangles. Since we are not using curved lines, remember to use rectangles only made from straight lines.

Each claw consists of two large rectangles oriented towards the top of the illustration. You can see the final result once these shapes are added below.

How To Draw A Crab

creating a lovely facial expression

It's now time to create a lovely personality using a fun facial expression. Inside the body, sketch two eyes using two black dots. The mouth is made from a large broken line. Now that this character is completed, all we need to do is add colors to bring this image to the next level.

How To Draw A Crab

how to draw a crab filled with nice colors

Using gradient fills, you can now apply colors inside the character. This cartoon crab is mostly colored in orange. Since gradients are used, you can see that most shapes from the subject are darker near the bottom and brighter on top.

How To Draw A Crab

If you need more assistance to help you illustrate this crab, then don't hesitate to use the image below. All steps needed to draw this character are grouped inside the same file.

How To Draw A Crab From Squares And Triangles

Now that we are done with this cute cartoon crab, don't hesitate to try more fun versions below. All these additional characters are made from curved lines and oval shapes. Some are quite easy to illustrate while others are filled with more complex details. Just practice on a daily basis and enjoy these additional resources. :)

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