how to draw a cowboy

Learn how to draw a cowboy that looks cute in just a few minutes using a simple video tutorial. I will show you how to come up with a lovely cartoon character using mostly basic shapes, straight and curved lines and plain colors. If you want to learn more about this character, a written version of this lesson is also available after the video below. Are you ready to draw this adorable cowboy? Great! Let's proceed with the video first ...

How to draw a cowboy

a short video on how to draw a cowboy that looks cute!

In less than five minutes, you can take a look at how this cartoon cowboy was created. You will learn how to draw a simple guideline using a few gray lines and then you will have the opportunity to draw the character using thick black lines. Finally, I will show you how to bring this illustration to life using only five different colors!

Let's draw a cute cowboy in four easy steps!

Excellent! First, we need to draw a basic template using basic shapes as shown below. The hat is represented by two rectangles and two triangles (located on both sides). The head is made from a large circle. More rectangles are needed to form the chest, the arms, the legs and the boots of the character. That's perfect! We can use this template to get started!

How to draw a cowboy

It's now time to bring this character to life using a bunch of straight and curved lines. Notice the shape of the hat, the small eyes, buttons on the shirt and hair made of short lines. This version is filled with just enough details to make the character easily recognizable, but you can add more elements if you want to.

How to draw a cowboy

Now that the cartoon cowboy is completed, you can erase the template made from gray lines so that only relevant lines remain visible. This picture is adorable, but let's make this one even more interesting with the addition of colors.

How to draw a cowboy

Like I said earlier, only five colors are needed. One for the skin, one for the hair and three for all remaining parts of the cowboy (hat, shirt, pants, etc ...). The dark brown color is applied on the bottom part of the hat, inside the eyes, on the boots and the pocket on the right. The brighter version is used for the hat and the shirt. Great job! This clipart cowboy is visually quite appealing.

How to draw a cowboy

More cowboys are waiting for you!

Below you can see all steps required to complete this tutorial. If you want to pursuit your adventure in the wonderful world of cowboys, then the following lessons are definitely for you! First, you can work on another cute cowboy made from simple shapes. If you prefer to work on accessories, then why not draw a cool cowboy hat in just a few simple steps. For those looking for a real challenge, this cartoon cowboy made with a digital painting program is a must. Have fun drawing more cowboys and don't forget to practice often! :)

How to draw a cowboy

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