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How to Draw A Cow that looks cool using rectangles

How To Draw A Cow That Looks Cool Using Rectangles

Learning how to draw a cow using small rectangles and squares can be a fun exercise. Indeed, this cute character is usually drawn using long curved lines and circular shapes. Using simpler and sharper shapes like a rectangle can help you sketch a more accessible version of this animal.

The fun thing about cows is that they are easily recognizable. The most noticeable aspect of a cow are the patches. If you can draw small horns and a basic udder, then it's even better. The body is large and the tail is drawn using a thin shape. Ready? Let's see how we can illustrate the character above using only a few basic elements.

adding a simple shape to form the body

First, you can start this tutorial by sketching the body using a large rectangle. Make sure this one is wide enough so that it can hold more body parts like the head and the tail. You also need enough space to sketch several dark patches.

How To Draw A Cow

drawing the head and the legs

Inside the main shape, you can draw the head using a smaller rectangle. This one must be located on top of the body near the left. On the bottom of the body, you can add two short legs. Nice work. This lesson on how to draw a cow is progressing nicely. :)

How To Draw A Cow

creating more body parts

You can also draw the tail inside the character using a simple broken line. Two more legs are added on the bottom of the animal. These new shapes are shorter to create a little bit of perspective.

The udder can also be added using another thin rectangle. Finally, complete this step by sketching the muzzle inside the head using a short straight line.

How To Draw A Cow

working on the ears, the hooves and the udder

Small ears are created on both sides of the head using more small rectangles. Another short rectangle is added on the tip of the tail. For the hooves, you can use rectangles with pointed ends. Under the udder, sketch three tiny teats.

How To Draw A Cow

adding the nose, the eyes and patches

On top of the head, you can draw small horns using triangular shapes. The eyes are made from subtle dots. These dots can be close to each other. For the nose, you can use small pointed lines. On the body, sketch some patches using squares and rectangles.

How To Draw A Cow

add colors and you are done learning how to draw a cow

Inside the character, you can add colors to enhance the illustration. All patches and the hooves can be black. A light beige color is needed for the muzzle, the ears and the udder. You can also use gradients if you want to create more depth and volume inside the cartoon cow. Once all steps are completed, you should end up with a character similar to the one found below.

How To Draw A Cow

If you need more help to sketch this fun subject, then you can use the image located below. This one includes all six steps grouped into a single file. It's the easiest way to learn how to draw a cow made from squares and rectangles.

How To Draw A Cow That Looks Cool Using Rectangles

Now that we are done illustrating this cute animal, don't hesitate to work with these additional cows from this site. These lessons are filled with various challenges that can help you improve your drawing abilities quickly and easily. Have fun sketching and remember to practice on a daily basis. :)

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