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how to draw a coconut with a simple organic straw

How to Draw a Coconut

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a coconut filled with a single straw as well as cool digital effects. This delicious food will be drawn using a simple perspective and basic textures. You will also have the opportunity to sketch multiple shadows and highlights to give more volume to the illustration. Ready? Let's proceed with the first step now ...

drawing a few basic shapes

First, let's draw a simple template using basic shapes. For this lesson, we will work with a coconut that is split in half. You can start by sketching two oval shapes on top of the picture. A long curved line is added below both shapes. Cool! That's all we need for now!

How to Draw a Coconut

sketching the silhouette of the cartoon coconut

Using mostly irregular lines, you can now sketch the silhouette of the cartoon coconut. Notice how lines drawn using the second oval shapes are pointed and filled with broken ends. Once all lines are added, you can erase all gray shapes created earlier.

How to Draw a Coconut

adding a straw and more curved lines

Inside the coconut, you can draw a straw made from bamboo using more irregular lines. Another oval shape is created near the largest one found on top. Finally, complete this step by adding a long curved line near the bottom of the straw.

How to Draw a Coconut

working with textures

It's time to draw multiple lines inside the subject to create more depth and volume. You can add these new elements inside the straw, inside the coconut clip art as well as outside the fruit. Notice how lines found on the external part of the coconut as thicker.

How to Draw a Coconut

playing with gradients and colors

This illustration is mostly filled with beige and brown colors. Using gradients, you can already give more depth to the object. As you can see below, the left side of the coconut is much darker than the right side. Use this technique on all shapes found inside this image.

How to Draw a Coconut

creating relevant shadows

Shadows are also a good addition to create more depth inside this image. Most new shapes are filled with a dark brown color. It's also a good idea to use transparency. Indeed, a shadow is never 100% opaque.

In this step, let's draw some shadows inside the cartoon coconut. Our goal is to end up with a subtle result, so make sure you are selecting colors that are dark, but still close to the original ones.

How to Draw a Coconut

adding shadows around the coconut

The external part of the fruit can also be filled with simple shadows. Use the same technique as we did in the previous step. Notice how these new additions are slightly apart from each other. It's important to find the right balance between too little shadows and too much.

How to Draw a Coconut

creating simple highlights

This lesson on how to draw a coconut would not be completed without the addition of simple highlights. These new shapes are also partially transparent, but they are mostly colored in white. In this step, draw some reflections around the coconut as shown below.

How to Draw a Coconut

more reflections are needed!

One last thing we can do is create more depth on top of the fruit. In this step, draw one last oval shape on top and color this one in white. Make sure that this shape is also partially transparent. Two small oval shapes are also created in the middle of the illustration.

How to Draw a Coconut

good job learning how to draw a coconut

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a coconut in just nine easy steps. Of course, this particular drawing can be challenging for beginners. However, if you follow each step carefully, then you should succeed in your quest! You can also try to create more versions of this fruit by adding more details or making this one simpler. It's all up to you!

How to Draw a Coconut
How to Draw a Coconut

Now that you are familiar with the creation of a coconut clip art, you are invited to try more delicious food from the same series here. I don't know why, but I'm hungry now!

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