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how to draw a chimpanzee holding a banana

How to draw a chimpanzee

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a chimpanzee that looks cute and funny in just eight steps. You will also learn how to create useful effects like creating shadows and highlights to give more depth to your cartoon character. If you can use a vector application to draw this animal, then please do so. If not, you can still use these tips while drawing with crayons or working with paint. Ready? Let's start this tutorial now ...

working on the silhouette of the cartoon chimpanzee

First, let's draw a few curved lines to form the silhouette of the cartoon chimpanzee. You can use two long curved lines to represent the head. The arms and the legs are made from shorter straight lines. Don't forget t0 draw a few hairs near the wrists and the ankles.

How to draw a chimpanzee

drawing the hands, the feet and the tail

Behind the character, you can draw a long tail using curved lines. On both sides of the head, sketch two ears and then, add some hairs on top. One hand is holding a banana while the other one is facing the ground. Create both feet using long fingers.

How to draw a chimpanzee

working on the banana and the facial features

Inside the head, you can draw both eyes and pupils using perfect circular shapes. The nose is created from a triangle. A pattern is drawn around the eyes and used to form the upper lip. Another curved line is needed to complete the mouth. Finally, you can draw the banana inside the left hand using more curved lines.

How to draw a chimpanzee

adding a few final details

Draw a long line inside both ears to create patches. A short line is drawn below the nose. Another line is also added inside the banana. Complete this step with the addition of lines on the chest to create a simple patch.

How to draw a chimpanzee

let's add colors!

Our cartoon chimpanzee is filled with a nice variety of brown colors. A nice saturated version is used for the head, the body, the arms and the legs. The nose and the tail can be darker. The hands, the feet, the ears as well as the patches found inside the head and body are brighter. Gradients are used to create more depth and volume.

How to draw a chimpanzee

creating cool shadows to enhance the character

This lesson on how to draw a chimpanzee would not be complete without the addition of simple effects like shadows. All new shapes created in this step are filled with a dark brown color. You can also play with the opacity of these new elements to create a more realistic illustration.

All new shapes are seen below (with a temporary pink outline). It's important to add enough shadows to create some depth inside the drawing, but not too much either. We want this character to be easy to read and fun to look at! :)

How to draw a chimpanzee

drawing highlights to create even more volume

Using the same technique as we did for shadows (adding transparency), we can now draw brighter shapes to form reflection. You don't need to add highlights on all parts of the cartoon chimpanzee. Just a few shapes are enough to enhance this picture.

How to draw a chimpanzee

good work learning how to draw a chimpanzee

Once all digital effects are added, you should end up with something like this. Now that you are more familiar with the creation of a chimpanzee, don't hesitate to draw more versions using different colors, patterns, textures and postures.

How to draw a chimpanzee
How to draw a chimpanzee

Above you can see all steps required to learn how to draw a chimpanzee like the one found on this page. You can find more cool animals and characters to draw here. Enjoy! :)

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