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how to draw a chimney made from simple lines and effects

How to draw a chimney

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a chimney using this basic drawing lesson. You will learn how to add simple gradients and shadows to create a fun version of this popular addition to houses. It's not clear whether Santa could use this cute cartoon chimney or not to deliver gifts, but let's concentrate on drawing the object. Ready? Let's proceed with the first step now ...

using mostly straight lines to create the silhouette

For this lesson, I have decided to create the object without using vanishing points for the perspective. It's a risky move, but it can be done. Three different directions are needed. They are represented below using the blue, green and black lines. Only the bottom part (yellow line) is not aligned with the other lines.

How to draw a chimney

drawing bricks and asphalt shingles

Once the silhouette of the chimney is completed, you can draw a few bricks using more short lines. On the roof, you can also sketch some lines to illustrate asphalt shingles. We are already done for the drawing aspect of this tutorial. It's time to play with colors!

How to draw a chimney

adding plain colors inside the illustration

The crown of the object is filled with a subtle beige color. The chimney itself can be red. Bricks are also red, but the selected color is slightly darker. The roof is filled with a dark gray color (just like the inside of the chimney).

How to draw a chimney

playing with gradients

You can now use gradients to create more depth inside the cartoon chimney. Notice how the bottom of the object is slightly darker than the top. Simply apply this technique on all elements of the illustration to come up with something cool and easy to achieved.

How to draw a chimney

drawing subtle shadows to create more volume

In this step, let's draw new shapes to form great shadows that can create more depth. All these new shapes must be filled with a darker version of the color found behind. It's also important to play with the opacity of shadows (or add transparency) so that we can end up with a subtle result.

You can add shadows near the middle of the crown, under this one and on the roof near the bottom of the chimney. For this drawing, we are presuming that the sun is located on the top part of the image, probably near the left.

How to draw a chimney

good job learning how to draw a chimney

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a chimney using a basic perspective and simple digital effects. You can try creating more versions using different angles, perspectives, colors, patterns and textures. Why not add Santa while he's delivering cool cartoon gifts too? ;)

How to draw a chimney
How to draw a chimney

Above, you can see all steps required to illustrate this chimney properly. Now that this fun image is completed, you can find more cool objects to work with here. Enjoy!

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