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How to Draw A Chicken that looks cute using squares

How To Draw A Chicken That Looks Cute Using Squares

Learning how to draw a chicken made from rectangles and squares can be a fun exercise. Indeed, these rough shapes are rarely associated with this lovely animal. Chickens are usually drawn with cute circles, basic curved lines and simple oval shapes.

It's an interesting challenge since you will need to sketch an appealing and recognizable version in just a few steps. Let's see how we can illustrate the character above using nice simple shapes and bright colors.

sketching a first shape to form the body

First, you can sketch a large square to form the body of the cartoon chicken. This new element will be used to represent the body and the head of the character. Don't forget to leave some space around the square so that we can draw more body parts in the coming steps.

How To Draw A Chicken

adding a second shape to form the beak

Inside the main shape, you can draw a small rectangle to illustrate the beak of the subject. This new shape is located on the left side of the image. Vertically, the beak must be centered when placed inside the body. Great! This lesson on how to draw a chicken is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Chicken

drawing more small shapes to create the wing and the tail

On the right side of the illustration, you can draw a small wing using a rectangle that must also be placed inside the main shape. This new body part is located on the lower part of the square. Below the square (and on the right), you can draw another small rectangle to form the tail.

How To Draw A Chicken

working on the legs of the cartoon chicken

Inside the rectangle used to form the beak, you can draw a thin line to complete this part of the body. The line must be drawn inside the lower part of the shape. We want the top of the beak to be thicker.

Below the body, you can draw two thin rectangles to form the legs. Notice how the one on the back is slightly shorter. This simple technique is used to create a basic perspective to the illustration.

How To Draw A Chicken

A few more details to complete this lesson on how to draw a chicken

On top of the head, you can draw some hair using thin pointed lines. For this tutorial, three hairs were added. Above the beak, you can also draw pupils using small dots. Finally, a few more lines are needed to create the feet of the cartoon animal. Nice work! This character looks great.

How To Draw A Chicken

adding colors can also be a good idea

Let's bring this illustration to the next level using basic colors. For the beak and the legs, you can add a bright orange color. The rest of the character can be colored in yellow. I also added gradients inside all shapes to create more depth and volume. You can easily do the same using pencils, paint or a vector application.

How To Draw A Chicken

I hope you had fun with this simple lesson on how to draw a chicken made from squares and rectangles. Remember that you can use this technique to draw any animal that you can think of. Now that this adorable character is completed, you are invited to try more fun chickens below. Remember to practice often. That's the key to success. :)

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