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How to Draw A Cheetah using solid squares and rectangles

How To Draw A Cheetah Using Solid Squares And Rectangles

Learning how to draw a cheetah can easily be done using simple shapes like rectangles and squares. In this lesson, you will learn to draw this amazing animal using simple tips and techniques that can easily be applied to tons of cartoon animals.

Cheetahs are very similar to cougars or tigers. However, the cheetah is known for being the fastest animal on earth (it can reach 60mph in less than three seconds, faster than most sport cars!). This animal is easy to recognize with its numerous black spots and tiny and round ears.

Let's see how we can illustrate the character found above in just six easy steps. :)

drawing the body to begin with

First, let's create a large rectangle to form the body of the animal. Make sure this shape is wide enough so that we can draw the head and other body parts inside this one. Next, you can sketch a second shape to form the patch located on the chest of the subject. This new shape is mostly located on the bottom part of the original rectangle.

How To Draw A Cheetah

adding all four legs and the muzzle

On the bottom of the character, you can draw all four legs using small rectangles. In front of the body, both legs are drawn next to each other. For the back legs, you can add these on both sides of the main rectangle. Finally, create a tiny muzzle near the top of the patch.

How To Draw A Cheetah

Sketching the ears and the nose

Inside the muzzle, you can draw the nose using a small triangle. Make sure this one fits perfectly inside the rectangle. On both sides of the head, you can draw the ears. They are made from small rectangles that are slightly irregular. Indeed, some angles are not quite perfect.

How To Draw A Cheetah

working on the face using more simple shapes

This lesson on how to draw a cheetah is progressing nicely. For this next step, we will work on the facial expression of the animal. Let's add the eyes and the teeth using new shapes.

So far, the character was exclusively created from simple rectangles. It's now time to use small circles to illustrate the eyes of the subject. For the mouth, you can draw three straight lines. Finally, you can add two small teeth using tiny triangles.

How To Draw A Cheetah

adding more details to create a fun character to look at

Inside the body, you can draw several small circles to form patches. It can be a good idea to avoid the face when adding this additional shapes. Two simple lines can also be drawn inside all four legs. We are now done sketching and drawing this cute cartoon cheetah. It's now time to add some colors!

How To Draw A Cheetah

adding colors to complete this lesson on how to draw a cheetah

This illustration is nice, but it can be even better if we can add some colors. To do so, let's try working with gradients. Basically, our goal is to add several colors inside a simple shape to create more depth and volume. For instance, you can see in the sample below that all four legs are darker near the bottom, but brighter on top.

How To Draw A Cheetah

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a cheetah like the one displayed above. Remember to practice on a daily basis if you want to get better at drawing. More fun animals can be found below. Have fun drawing!

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