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how to draw a cattle filled with cute effects

Learning how to draw a cattle can be a fun and simple exercise. In this lesson, I will show you to draw a basic version filled with plain colors and subtle shadows. This lovely animal is mostly raised for milk, meat and for there skin. They were domesticated several centuries ago. More than one billion of these animals can be found around the globe. Let's see how we can sketch the version found below using mostly basic shapes and lines.

How To Draw A Cattle

drawing a template to create our cartoon cattle

First, it can be a good idea to draw a few basic shapes to help us locate the character in our work space. It's also a good opportunity to work on proportions. You can start by adding the head using a large rectangle. A huge square is used to form the body. Finally, complete this step by creating three legs with short squares. The four leg is not necessary since it will be hidden by the udder of the cattle clip art.

How To Draw A Cattle

Next, you can draw the silhouette of the character using mostly long curved lines. I like to use lines with pointed ends to create a more appealing illustration. The head should be rectangular, but also made with round corners. The back leg is large and thick. For the hooves, you can draw thin ones as shown in the image below. Once you are done with the creation of this step, you can erase all gray shapes added in the previous step.

How To Draw A Cattle

Great! Let's continue this lesson on how to draw a cattle by sketching all features found inside the head. Eyes and pupils are made from perfect circles. The nose is also done using short oval shapes.

The mouth is represented by a short line. Don't forget to draw a large patch around the nose and mouth. This one will be filled with a different color later in this tutorial.

How To Draw A Cattle

On top of the head, you can draw two short pointed horns. Ears are also made from triangles. Between the legs of the cartoon cattle, you can draw the udder using curved lines. Complete this step by drawing a long and thin tail. Great job! We are almost done! :)

How To Draw A Cattle

One important feature that we need to add inside this creature is a few patches. Indeed, you can't draw a cute cattle without adding large patches inside the head and body. You can use long curved lines to draw these shapes around the left eye, inside the legs and the body.

How To Draw A Cattle

Let's bring this fun illustration to life by adding colors. For this tutorial, the selected color for the character was brown. Patches can be darker while the ears and the area located around the mouth can be brighter. Pupils are blue and the tip of the tail is dark. Complete this step by adding a bright pink color inside the udder and by adding a gray color inside all hooves.

How To Draw A Cattle

So far, this cute cartoon illustration is quite appealing. However, we can make this drawing even more interesting by drawing simple shadows. These new additions should be slightly darker than the shapes located behind. For example, shadows located on the horns must be filled with a dark gray color (instead of a bright one for the horns themselves). You can see all new shadows below (surrounded by a temporary pink outline).

How To Draw A Cattle

nice job learning how to draw a cattle like this one!

That's it! You can see the final version of this character below. Shadows don't need to be complex to create a fun and effective result. Practice as often as you can by drawing more animals like this one. You can change the posture, try new colors or simply sketch complex textures and experiment new alternatives.

How To Draw A Cattle
How To Draw A Cattle

Above you can see all steps required to learn how to draw a cattle like the one found on this page grouped into a single image. Have fun drawing and don't forget to try more cool cartoon animals from the same series here. Enjoy!

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