How to draw a cartoon illustration (Misc)

Learning how to draw a cartoon illustration that is simple and adorable is a fun and easy exercise. In this section of the site, you will have the opportunity to sketch and create a bunch of lovable animals, characters and misc images. All tutorials are available in a short written version and some lessons also have an accessible video that can be watched in just minutes.

These illustrations are simple, made from basic shapes and filled with plain colors. All the tips needed to create these cool pictures can be found here!

a cute cartoon dachshund to get started!

First, let me show you a sample of a video tutorial featuring a cute dachshund. As you can see below, these short videos are divided in three simple steps. You will begin these lessons by sketching a few basic shapes to create a template.

Then, you will draw the character using straight and curved lines using the template created in the first step. Finally, all lessons are completed with the addition of colors. Pretty simple, but highly effective! ;)

You can try more videos here.

Cats are also fun and easy to illustrate!

Another fun cartoon animal to draw is a cat. This one is quite colorful and featuring several fun features like stripes, large whiskers and a huge triangular nose. The posture is easy to duplicate, making it the perfect drawing lesson for beginners, young kids or cat lovers.

How To Draw A Cartoon Illustration (Basic Lessons) - cat

Let's go under the sea to create a beautiful tuna!

Fish are usually very easy to create. That's why working with a cartoon tuna like the one found below can be an interesting option. This character is also filled with many small details that make this image visually more appealing. Also, notice the original shape of the mouth and the mix of colors inside the body of the cartoon tuna.

How To Draw A Cartoon Illustration (Basic Lessons) - tuna

characters to create more fun illustrations!

Animals are fun to draw, but cartoon characters can also present a few interesting challenges. In this case, it's the posture that can be hard to duplicate for beginners. Notice how the addition of a simple stick can turn a normal girl into a hard-working teacher.

Now you know how to draw a cartoon teacher that looks cool! ;)

How To Draw A Cartoon Illustration (Basic Lessons) - teacher

how to draw a cartoon zombie that won't eat your brain!

This one is probably my favorite of them all. To create a cute zombie from a basic cartoon character, simple change the skin color to green, add a few patches on the shirt and draw small stitches on the skin of the subject. Here you go! A cool cartoon zombie made in just a few seconds!

How To Draw A Cartoon Illustration (Basic Lessons) - zombie

here comes the sun!

Looking for something simpler? Something more accessible? Great! Then, this cartoon sun is definitely for you! All you need to sketch is a large circle, a few triangles, two small dots and a long curved line. Of course, don't forget to add colors. A black and white sun is not an interesting star to look at!

How To Draw A Cartoon Illustration (Basic Lessons) - sun

draw more cartoon illustrations here!

All examples above were just a small sample of all lessons available in this section of the site. Below you can see the complete current list of animals, characters and misc images that can be drawn in seconds using basic shapes and colors. Don't hesitate to create your own pictures using all tips and techniques found here. Enjoy and just keep practicing! ;)




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