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how to draw a cardinal made from a simple rectangle

How To Draw A Cardinal Made From A Simple Rectangle

You can learn how to draw a cardinal using several simple lessons in this fun and new series. I will show you how to sketch this colorful bird using rectangles and circles. One lesson is also featuring the addition of simple textures while the last character is done from a side view. The fun part is that all tutorials are accessible to beginners too.

Cardinals are beautiful bird often depicted with red colors. However, other species of cardinals are filled with various colors like blue, green or yellow. These appealing creatures are mostly found in North and South America. Let's start with the first lesson now!

using a large rectangle to form the character

First, you can sketch a cardinal clipart using only a large rectangle to form the head and body. On top of the silhouette, draw a single hair using two curved lines. The tail is done with an irregular triangle. Inside the shape, add two large circles to form the eyes.

Pupils are made from small circular shape. The beak is done with a triangle made from smooth corners. Around the eyes, you can draw patches. Feet and wings are created from basic lines. Complete the creature by adding red and yellow colors. Patches around the eyes can be black.

How To Draw A Cardinal

This time, let's use circular shapes!

In this next lesson, let's draw a cardinal using curved lines and circular shapes. You can start with the creation of the head and body using circles. Once again, a single hair is drawn on top of the head. Feet and fingers are made from tiny rectangles.

You can also draw wings using medium curved lines. Eyes are made from perfect circles and the beak using a pointed triangle. Let's add a simple reflection on both pupils using tiny oval shapes. This version is also filled with red, yellow and black colors.

How To Draw A Cardinal

working with basic textures and shadows

Now that we have learned to draw this bird using basic shapes, let's see what happens when we work on a cardinal illustration filled with shadows and textures. Just like the previous character, this one is formed using perfect circles and rectangles. The silhouette is made from several short lines.

Next, work on the facial features using more basic shapes. Plain colors are added to enhance the picture. On the left side of the image, you can add basic shadows made from more solid shapes. You can conclude this tutorial by drawing simple textures made from tiny lines.

How To Draw A Cardinal

how to draw a cardinal using a side view

So far, all versions were made using a basic front view. In this tutorial, let's draw another cool illustration of a cardinal from a side view. Draw a circle to form the head. The body is made from a large oval shape. For the tail, you can use a long rectangle that must be slightly narrower near the end.

Use these shapes to draw the silhouette using long curved lines. Add the beak, the legs and the eyes. Draw a large patch around the eye and fill the character with plain colors. The most difficult parts to draw from a side view are the legs, the beak and the body.

How To Draw A Cardinal

As you can see, learning how to draw a cardinal can be done using a wide variety of shapes, lines and effects. Of course, using red colors is a more logical choice since cardinals are rarely depicted in blue or green. Practice as often as possible and don't hesitate to sketch your own versions.

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