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How to Draw A Cactus with textures and sharp spines

How to draw a cactus

Learn how to draw a cactus using a fun illustration filled with details and great effects. This cartoon cactus is simple to draw. All you need to do is sketch a few rectangles with round corners and you are done. Add a few spines using straight lines and that's it!

However, the most difficult part is not illustrating this strange tree. The most challenging aspect is adding all the details and lighting effects to create a realistic illustration (well, a realistic cartoon illustration!). Let's see how to draw a fun cartoon cactus easily.

Step 1

First, draw the cactus using green outlines. Since this tutorial is easier to duplicate using a vector software, you can modify the color later. When you are done with the cactus, sketch some spines all around the illustration. Don't forget to represent sand using two curved lines on the bottom of the tree. 

How to draw a cactus

Step 2

Great! Now you can add some lines on the main area of the cartoon cactus using long pointed lines. You don't need to add tons of details. Only a few curved lines are needed. When you are finished, move on to the next step. 

How to draw a cactus

Step 3

It's now time to add some colors. All shapes must be filled with plain colors for now. The cartoon cactus must be green while the sand is brown. You can select a few different green colors for all lines drawn inside the cactus.

How to draw a cactus

Step 4

In your vector application, select the gradient fill tool and add a second color (dark green is preferable) to all shapes of the tree. Repeat the same technique for the sand using a brown color. Simply compare this illustration below with the previous one to see the difference. 

How to draw a cactus

Step 5

Draw some darker shapes all over the illustration to depict shadows. For now, these new shapes must be slightly darker than the colors used to fill the cartoon cactus. 

How to draw a cactus

Step 6

In this step, you must sketch new shapes that are much darker to illustrate all areas not affected by the light source. These are the darkest shapes that can be added to this illustration. Don't forget the most important shadow on the sand!

How to draw a cactus

Step 7

In this step, once again you must add new shapes on the cartoon cactus. However, this time these new shapes must be lighter because they are fully exposed to the light source. 

How to draw a cactus

Step 8

In this final step, draw round shapes on top of each branches. These shapes must be smaller than the cactus. Make sure these new shapes are white. Finally, use transparency to partially hide the bottom part of all new shapes. Only the top/right section of these shapes must be visible. 

How to draw a cactus

Cool! Now you know how to draw a cactus like this one! :)

Nice work! You can also try to draw a standard tree if you feel like this lesson was too easy. Have fun with these lessons and don't forget to practice as often as needed!

How to draw a cactus

This lesson on how to draw a fun cactus is now completed. More lessons related to this theme are available below. Enjoy these additional tutorials that should help you learn more fun things about mother nature.

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