how to draw a bulldozer

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a bulldozer from scratch using basic shapes, gradient colors and simple digital effects. Creating the vehicle found below might seem slightly intimidating at first, but if you are using the right tools and practicing on a daily basis, then you can definitely do it!

How to draw a bulldozer

drawing the main parts using basic shapes

First, you can draw both wheels using large circular shapes. Then, you can work on the bottom part of the vehicle using irregular shapes. The cab is mostly made from long and thin rectangles. The bucket is done using a mix of curved and straight lines.

How to draw a bulldozer

adding more elements on the cartoon bulldozer

On top of the vehicle, you can draw a light using a small rectangle. This one is attached to the roof using another tiny rectangle. A mirror is added in front using more rectangles with round edges.

Near the bucket, cylinders are drawn using small rectangles. Inside the wheels, two more circles are added. You can also draw another shape on both wheels filled with several short curved lines.

How to draw a bulldozer

A few more shapes and we are done

Inside both wheels, sketch small circles to complete this part of the cartoon bulldozer. You can draw more circles on the bucket and above this one. Finally, draw the mirror, the handle and the light located behind the vehicle.

How to draw a bulldozer

adding plain colors inside the bulldozer

It's now time to apply colors inside the vehicle. This one is mostly colored in yellow. All windows as well as the mirror are colored in blue. The wheels, the step and the bucket are black. Finally, the light on top is orange and the one on the back is red. In this step, all strokes and outlines are also removed.

How to draw a bulldozer

Working with gradient colors

The easiest technique you can use to apply depth inside your image is to play with gradient colors. As you can see below, most shapes are now filled with two colors instead of one. The cartoon bulldozer looks great, but we can definitely make this one even better.

How to draw a bulldozer

creating simple shadows using new shapes

Inside the vehicle, we can add simple cartoon shadows using new shapes colored in black. To end up with a subtle result, all these new shapes must be partially transparent. You can see all new shapes below (surrounded by temporary pink outlines).

How to draw a bulldozer

Highlights and reflections are also great!

Another simple tip that you can use to create more volume is to play with reflection. In this case, all added shapes must be colored in white. Just like the shadows created previously, we need to make all new elements partially transparent.

How to draw a bulldozer

Good job learning how to draw a bulldozer!

Good work! Below you can see the final version once all digital effects are added. Now that you know how to draw a bulldozer using the model found below, it's time to work on your own version using different shapes, colors and pieces. 

How to draw a bulldozer

If you feel like trying more cool cartoon vehicles like this one, then you can proceed with the whole collection from the same section featuring all your favorite cars, airplanes and boats. Have fun drawing and remember to practice as often as possible. It's the only key to success!

How to draw a bulldozer

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