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how to draw a brush filled with simple details

How To Draw A Brush

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a brush using a few basic shapes and simple digital effects. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to create textures, shadows and highlights on the object using accessible tips. To make this lesson slightly more challenging, I have selected an angle to the cartoon brush that provides more depth and volume. Are you ready to learn to draw this object? Great! Let's proceed with the first step now ...

Drawing the cartoon brush using basic shapes

First, you can sketch the handle using curved lines. The middle part is made from a rectangle and a single hole is created on top of the object. The bottom part is made from two long curved lines and a straight one.

How To Draw A Brush

Next, you can draw the ferrule using a thin rectangle made with soft corners. The bottom of the brush clipart (the bristles) are represented by a large square. As you can see below, this square is made from lines that are slightly curved towards the outside.

How To Draw A Brush

You can complete the drawing aspect of this tutorial by creating some depth. Since this is not a flat object, creating more lines on the right side of the drawing can be a good idea. The handle, the ferrule and the bristles are duplicated to create a thin layer behind the original one.

How To Draw A Brush

Adding gradients

It's time to add colors inside our clipart brush. In order to give more depth to the illustration, it can be a good idea to use gradients instead of plain colors. As you can see below, all parts that are used to create this brush are darker near the bottom and much brighter on top. Shapes used to create the 3D aspect of this object are also filled with a darker color.

How To Draw A Brush

creating appealing shadows

Let's go one step further by drawing simple shadows on the brush. One shape is created on top of the bristles while another one is drawn above the ferrule. You can see these new elements below (surrounded by a temporary blue outline).

It's important to use a dark color for both shadows. Also, I like to play with the opacity of these shapes so that the result can be soft and subtle. Shadows are not entirely visible. Some parts must be hidden to create a realistic effect.

How To Draw A Brush

drawing simple highlights

Highlights and reflections are also needed if you want to draw something appealing and believable. In this case, new shapes are colored in white. Just like we did for shadows, it can be a good practice to play with the opacity of reflections. In this step, highlights were drawn on top of the handle and on the ferrule.

How To Draw A Brush

simple textures to complete this lesson

Bristles cannot be represented by a single square. We need to create some texture to make the whole part realistic. In this step, you can draw dark lines and bright lines inside the square. These lines are shown below with temporary blue and pink outlines. I like to use lines that are pointed on both ends for a more enjoyable result.

How To Draw A Brush

Great! This lesson on how to draw a brush is finished!

Below, you can see the final illustration once all textures are displayed properly. The mix of simple shadows, highlights and textures is crucial to create a picture that looks appealing. Now that you are more familiar with the techniques used in this lesson, don't hesitate to draw more brushes using various shapes and sizes.

How To Draw A Brush
How To Draw A Brush

All steps needed to learn how to draw a brush properly can be found in the image above. I hope you had fun following this tutorial. Feel free to learn to draw more cool objects from the same series here. A few samples are available below. Don't forget to practice as often as needed. :)

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