how to draw a bone that looks great in just a few steps

In this simple tutorial, I will show you how to draw a bone using a simple template made from basic shapes and colors. You will also have the opportunity to add some effects (in 2D) to create more textures so that the result feels genuine and appealing. One short video is available and if you need more information, simply scroll down a little bit more to have access to exclusive tips and techniques.

a short video to get started

The video below is featuring the entire process that was used to create the object. You will learn how to create basic shapes to form the template, how to draw the bone using thin lines and how to add colors inside the illustration. Take your time and study all steps carefully. :)

How to draw a bone using four basic steps

First, we need to create a few shapes to create a guideline. Start by adding two large circles on both ends of the drawing. Then, join both circles with straight lines as shown in the illustration below. That's it for now! No need to sketch more elements to proceed.

Now the fun part begins. Using mostly straight lines, you can sketch the bone using the template created earlier. As you can see below, the fact that both circles are not aligned with each other if perfect to end up with a dynamic cartoon image. Now that the image is created, you can erase all gray lines.

Excellent! This is the bone once the template is removed. Our next challenge is to add plain colors, but still create something a little bit realistic and filled with basic textures. Remember that we won't use gradient fills, transparency or textures. Only plain colors are needed.

You can start by filling the bone with a subtle beige color. Then, a darker version of the same color is used to create shadows on both ends of the object. Two large dots are drawn on the bone and small lines are sketched all over the image to complete this step. Very nice work! :)

Time to go one step further!

Good job! Below you can see all four steps required to complete this lesson. If you want to, you can draw more bones filled with complex textures and digital effects. Don't be afraid to experiment. Try adding textures, gradient fills and original patterns. Be creative and have fun.

More cool lessons related to skulls and bones are also available below. Have fun and don't forget to draw as often as possible. :)

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