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How to Draw A Beaver made from rectangles easily

How To Draw A Beaver Made From Rectangles Easily

You can learn how to draw a beaver using several simple curved lines and circular shapes. However, learning to illustrate this cute animal using rectangles, squares and sharp shapes can be a simpler alternative. The result can also be surprisingly good!

Beavers are definitely fun characters to create. These animals usually have short ears, large teeth and a huge tail. Let's see how we can sketch a convincing cartoon beaver using mostly squares and rectangles using all six easy steps below. :)

Adding a long rectangle to form the body of the animal

First, you can sketch a long and thin rectangle to form the body of the subject. This new shape can be placed vertically. Make sure that the rectangle is wide enough so that we can draw the facial features inside this shape. Indeed, our rectangle is used for the body, but also to illustrate the head.

How To Draw A Beaver

sketching more shapes to create the legs

On both sides of the main shape, you can draw two small rectangles to represent the back legs. These new additions are located on the bottom of the character. Next, you can draw another rectangle inside the body to create a patch on the chest. Great work! This lesson on how to draw a beaver is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Beaver

working inside the head of the cartoon beaver

It's now time to work inside the head of the animal. First, draw a short rectangle near the top of the main shape to form the nose of the subject. Below this new shape, draw a second rectangle to create the patch around the mouth. This new shape needs to be slightly larger.

On the bottom of the character, draw two additional rectangles to illustrate the front legs. These legs are partially covering the bottom of the body and the patch located inside the main shape. You can see the result so far below.

How To Draw A Beaver

drawing the ears and a large tail

On both sides of the head, you can draw two more small rectangles to form the ears. Remember that beavers do have tiny ears, so it's important to create this part accordingly. On the back of the subject (near the right), you can draw a long rectangle to create the tail.

How To Draw A Beaver

adding a few details to the animal

On top of the nose, you can sketch two small dots to represent the eyes of the animal. Below the mouth, draw two large squares to create the teeth. These shapes must be touching each other. Finally, complete the drawing aspect of this tutorial by adding small lines inside all four legs.

How To Draw A Beaver

working with colors to complete this lesson on how to draw a beaver

Of course, a fun illustration needs to be filled with simple colors to be visually more appealing. For this character, a mix of brown and beige colors were used. Parts like the tail and the nose can be darker. Patches around the mouth and on the chest are brighter. I also used gradients to give more depth and volume to the cartoon beaver.

How To Draw A Beaver

Nice work! I hope you had fun learning how to draw a beaver made from basic squares and rectangles. It might be an unusual technique, but the result is visually interesting. If you prefer to draw another beaver using simple curved lines and circular shapes, then you can try more samples from this site below. Practice as often as possible and have fun! :)

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