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How to Draw a Beagle That Looks Appealing

How To Draw A Beagle That Looks Appealing

Learning how to draw a beagle that looks appealing can be done using a simple recipe. First, make sure the character is gifted with large round eyes filled with perfect pupils. Then, draw a large head and a big nose to create a funny facial expression.

Once you are done, you can sketch long ears made from curved lines on both sides of the head. Finally, work on a simple posture featuring small legs and a thin body. Now that you know how to create this amazing cartoon beagle above, let's study all steps carefully to make the whole process easier. :)

drawing a few basic shapes to form the character

You can start this tutorial by drawing a few simple shapes to create a template that can be used to polish the posture and the proportions of the beagle. The body and the area around the nose are made from oval shapes. The forehead and the ears are done with large rectangles. For the front legs and the back ones, small oval shapes are used.

How To Draw A Beagle That Looks Appealing

sketching the silhouette of the cartoon beagle

Now that our template is created, we can use this one to sketch the silhouette of the subject. Start with the forehead using a few basic lines. Some hairs can also be drawn on top of the head. Next, create the jaw using a circular pattern.

For the ears, long curved lines are needed. The body is also made from two long lines. Finally, complete this step with the additions of more curved lines to create the front legs and the back ones.

How To Draw A Beagle That Looks Appealing

working on the facial features

Inside the head, you can draw the eyes using perfect circles. Pupils are also made from circles. Notice to position of both pupils. These elements are not quite located in the middle of the eyes. The nose is large and also made from several curved lines. A small line is added between the nose and the chin.

How To Draw A Beagle That Looks Appealing

adding some details on the legs and feet

On top of the back legs, a small horizontal line is added. More vertical lines are drawn on the bottom of the character to complete the paws. Nice work! This lesson on how to draw a beagle is progressing nicely. A few more steps are needed to complete this character.

How To Draw A Beagle That Looks Appealing

drawing patches on the head and the body

Inside the head, two long lines are drawn to create a basic pattern. These lines are drawn from the top of the head and are surrounding both eyes. More lines are also create on the chest of the animal as shown in the illustration below. Both back legs are also separated by a small line to create simple patterns.

How To Draw A Beagle That Looks Appealing

working with plain colors

Now that the character is drawn, it's time to add colors to our creation. The dog is mostly filled with basic brown colors. Patches around the eyes and on the chest are brighter. This same color is used on the paws. For the nose and the pupils, you can use a dark brown color.

How To Draw A Beagle That Looks Appealing

creating simple shadows to create more volume

On easy way to create more depth inside an illustration is to draw basic shadows made from darker colors. These new elements must be slightly darker, but not too much. Our goal is to end up with a subtle result.

For this particular character, you can add shadows around the eyes, on the bottom part of the ears and below the nose. More fun shadows are created below the neck, on the chest and inside both back legs.

How To Draw A Beagle That Looks Appealing

small reflections to complete this lesson

Drawing shadows can be nice, but adding small reflections can also help make the character more ... alive! In this step, draw brighter circles inside both pupils. Another small oval shape can also be sketched inside the nose.

How To Draw A Beagle That Looks Appealing

nice work learning how to draw a beagle that looks cute!

Excellent work! This lesson on how to draw a beagle is now completed. You can see the final illustration below. Feel free to create more versions of this character using different colors, postures and textures. Be creative and don't hesitate to try new things!

How To Draw A Beagle That Looks Appealing

Below you can see a long illustration filled with all steps from this lesson. Study this one carefully if you need more assistance drawing the subject.

How To Draw A Beagle That Looks Appealing

Now that we are done sketching and drawing this cute cartoon beagle, you are invited to try more fun dogs from this site below. All these lessons are offering various challenges that are fun to experiment. Remember to practice on a daily basis and have fun drawing. :)

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