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how to draw a battery that looks great using basic shapes

How to draw a battery

Learn how to draw a battery using mostly circular shapes, gradient colors and simple digital effects in this basic drawing lesson. If you can use a vector application to create the object, then things should be much easier than expected!

Indeed, this lesson is certainly more technical than illustrating a cute organic creature like a little chicken. Being precise is crucial if you want to convert a basic cartoon image into something more realistic. Ready? Let's proceed with the first step now!

Drawing oval shapes

First, let's sketch the basic silhouette of the cartoon battery. On top, you can use small circles to create the tiny metal cap. Below this part of the object, draw a large oval shape. Long lines that are not quite parallel are used to form the body. These lines should be slightly closer near the bottom to create some perspective. Join both lines on the bottom using another long curved line.

How to draw a battery

adding more oval shapes

Around the metal cap, sketch two more oval shapes. Notice how all three large oval shapes on top are not perfectly centered. More space is visible below these shapes than above. Next, draw a small curved lines near the middle to form the stripe.

How to draw a battery

time to add gradient colors

For this tutorial, all lines and strokes must be removed once all gradient colors are added. Notice how the bottom of the object is darker than the top. All shapes visible are filled with two different versions of the same color : one that is darker and another one that is brighter.

How to draw a battery

creating subtle shadows

Adding shadows is another simple thing we can do to create more depth inside this cartoon battery. All shadows are colored in black and are partially transparent so that we can end up with a subtle result.

These shadows can be added behind the metal cap, around the oval shape located on top and along the main part of the battery. Cool! This image looks amazing, but we can make it even better!

How to draw a battery

drawing highlights and reflections

Darker shapes are great (shadows), but adding highlights and reflections can help create even more contrast inside the illustration. This time, all new shapes must be colored in white. Of course, these new elements must also be partially transparent for a more realistic result.

How to draw a battery

Learning how to draw a battery can be fun!

One last thing we can do to complete this lesson is to add some text. We all know it's a battery, but this addition is still a fun one to make. Good work! Now we can put this pretty little thing inside our electronics and enjoy life! :)

How to draw a battery
How to draw a battery

Above you can see all steps required to learn how to draw a battery quickly and easily. I hope you had fun working on this familiar object. Don't forget to practice as often as possible. You can continue your drawing journey by selecting another fun tutorial from our big list of cartoon objects here or try some lessons found below. Enjoy! :)

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