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How to Draw a Barracuda With Sharp Teeth

How To Draw A Barracuda With Sharp Teeth

Would you like to learn how to draw a barracuda with sharp teeth and simple patterns? Great! This lesson is definitely for you! I will show you how to sketch this amazing animal in just a few basic steps. You will also have the opportunity to add basic shadows to create a more appealing version of the character.

Barracudas are ferocious predators with sharp teeth and an impressive jaw. Yes, this animal can be dangerous to humans too! They can be as large as five feet and are covered with interesting patterns. Let's see how we can draw the version found above using a few simple tips and techniques.

building the character using simple shapes

First, let's use a few circles and rectangles to create a template that will be used to illustrate the cartoon barracuda. The top part of the head is made from a large circle. The jaw is created using an irregular rectangles. Similar shapes are needed to form the body. Finally, you can add six fins using pointed triangles.

How To Draw A Barracuda With Sharp Teeth

drawing the silhouette of the barracuda

Now that we have some shapes to work with, it's time to sketch the silhouette of the subject. Before proceeding, make sure that you are satisfied with the posture and the proportions of your character.

Using shape pointed lines, it's time to draw the animal. Notice the particular shape of the mouth. A line is used to separate the body from the head. Once the silhouette of the fish is completed, you can erase all gray shapes added in the previous step.

How To Draw A Barracuda With Sharp Teeth

working on the eyes and the teeth

Inside the head, you can draw the eye using a perfect circular shape. Another circle is needed to represent the pupil. For the teeth, small triangles made from short lines are added on both sides of the mouth.

How To Draw A Barracuda With Sharp Teeth

adding basic patterns on the back of the subject

Simple stripes are drawn on the back of the animal. These stripes are mostly made from curved lines. Below these stripes, you can draw small circles. Finally, a long horizontal line is sketched near the bottom of the body. Nice work! This lesson on how to draw a barracuda is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Barracuda With Sharp Teeth

drawing basic textures on the fins

One more steps is needed before adding colors inside the cartoon barracuda. For this step, all you need to do is draw large thick lines inside all fins. These basic textures are easy to implement and can give a more appealing look to the subject.

How To Draw A Barracuda With Sharp Teeth

working with plain colors

It's time to add colors to the fish and bring this one to life. For the head, a light blue color is used. This same color is also needed for the stripe visible under the character. The body can be slightly darker. For the stripes and the fins, the colors must be even darker than the body. The teeth are colored in gray.

How To Draw A Barracuda With Sharp Teeth

adding simple shadows to the character

Now that the colors are added, you can sketch subtle shadows inside the illustration. The first one is drawn around the eye. The second shadow is created near the jaw of the fish. One last shadow is sketched near the back fin. A brighter dot is also added inside the pupil.

How To Draw A Barracuda With Sharp Teeth

nice work learning how to draw a barracuda that looks angry!

That's it! All steps needed to learn how to draw a barracuda that looks appealing are completed. Of course, feel free to sketch more versions of this animal using various colors, patterns, textures and postures. Possibilities are endless.

How To Draw A Barracuda With Sharp Teeth

If you prefer to see all steps without any text, then you can look at the image below. This one contains all steps needed to draw this delicious fish accurately. Study all illustrations carefully and take all the time you need to draw this creature.

How To Draw A Barracuda With Sharp Teeth

Now that we are done drawing this amazing cartoon barracuda, you are invited to try more cute fish from this site. Simply select your favorite character below. All these lessons are offering various challenges that are fun to try. Enjoy and don't forget to practice on a daily basis! :)

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