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how to draw a bagel filled with tasty effects

How To Draw A Bagel

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a bagel made from simple shapes in just a few easy steps. I will show you how to play with various effects like gradients and transparency to help you create a delicious cartoon bagel like the one displayed below.

Of course, you can also create this image using other materials like pencils or paint. This appealing food is quite easy to sketch since no complex shapes are needed. However, adding perfect effects to create depth and volume will be more challenging. Ready? Let's proceed with the first step now ...

drawing the silhouette of the cartoon bagel

First, let's draw the silhouette of our subject using a large oval shape. Lines don't need to be perfect. It's also important to make sure that both sides are slightly pointed. Then, you can draw a second line on the bottom of the shape to create the second half of the bagel. The hole is made from another small oval shape. In this case, both ends must be sharp.

How To Draw A Bagel

It's time to add some colors using gradients. This bagel clip art is filled with a light brown color. As you can see below, the large oval shape is much darker near the bottom and brighter on top. The bottom part is also darker. You can remove all lines and strokes like I did for this lesson (or keep them if you want to).

How To Draw A Bagel

creating several shadows and darker areas

We need to make our subject more appealing using cool shadows and dark areas. All new shapes that are created in the following steps are filled with darker colors. These new elements are also partially transparent. 

First, you can draw a dark shadow near the bottom of the hole (the blue outline below). Next, you can draw a more subtle shape above (with a pink outline). This second shadow is created using a circular fill.

How To Draw A Bagel

On the right side of the illustration, you can draw two more shadows (you can see them below, one with a blue outline and the other one in pink). Both shadows are also partially transparent and the one on the far right must be slightly darker than the one on the left.

How To Draw A Bagel

Additional shapes are drawn mainly below the hole. Once again, these new additions are filled with a dark brown color. Just like we did with all previous shadows, you can also play with the opacity of the shapes so that we can end up with a subtle result. Great! This lesson on how to draw a bagel is going well! :)

How To Draw A Bagel

adding reflections and highlights

Let's try something different now. Instead of adding darker shapes to create shadows, let's sketch brighter ones to form highlights and reflections on our cartoon bagel. In this first step, you can draw a large white shape on the left of the subject. Make sure that the right side of the new element is completely hidden.

How To Draw A Bagel

Just like we did with the shadows, you can draw two more reflections on the bagel clipart using small thin irregular shapes. Of course, both new additions must also be colored in white. That's it for highlights and reflections!

How To Draw A Bagel

drawing simple sesame seeds

On top of the bagel, you can draw small sesame seeds using small oval shapes with pointed ends. These seeds can be filled with a light brown color. Use a wide variety of angles to avoid repetition. You can see all new additions below (with thin pink outlines).

How To Draw A Bagel

In this step, you can draw small shadows behind the sesame seeds using slightly larger shapes. The new additions can be seen below (the original seeds from the previous step were temporarily removed for a better view). These seeds are great to create some texture and make this illustration even more appealing.

How To Draw A Bagel

Nice work learning how to draw a bagel

Now that all digital effects are added, you can see the final illustration below. Notice how the additions of gradients, shadows, highlights and simple sesame seeds can help create a realistic cartoon illustration. Of course, feel free to try more versions using various textures, effects and colors. Bagels don't have to be boring! ;)

How To Draw A Bagel
How To Draw A Bagel

You can see all steps needed to learn how to draw a bagel like the one we just did above. Now that this drawing tutorial is completed, you can proceed with more lessons from the food section here. Yes, learning how to draw food can be a ... delicious experience! Have fun!

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