How to draw a anime cartoon puppy

by Elizabeth

STEP 1.Start with a big cicle for the puppy's head and then add the facial guide lines.Then draw the nut shape of the puppy's body.
STEP 2.Next, draw the shape of those floppy puppy ears.You will then draw to circle for the puppy's eyes draw three circles in each eye, then you will color in the eyes but don't color in the three circles.This will give a glazed over look to the puppy's eyes.Once that is done draw a nose and add some puppy hair at the top of his cute head.
STEP 3.You will finish the ears by adding the tips and then add the front legs and back legs all arched because the puppy is in a sitting position.After that is done add a jowl line and eye brows.

STEP 4.Now draw the hind paws and paw pads.Then add a cute curled up tail and toe lines on its front paws.Erase the guidlines and the the lines that aren't needed.All you have to do is choose a color and color him/her in.I hope you enjoyed this lesson good bye.

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Sep 07, 2009
Thanks Elizabeth!
by: Martin

Nice and easy to follow step-by-step tutorial! This is still the easiest way to learn how to draw!

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