How to Create An Outline
Using Various Colors

In this tutorial, you will learn How to create an outline using various colors to give life to your characters! A good outline doesn't necessarily need to be black. It can be any color you wish! Let's see how this cartoon turkey could look with various and colorful outlines!

Example #1

How to create an outline

The first drawing represent a simple black and white cartoon character drawn with a black outline. There is nothing extraordinary with this image, but it's still a very effective method to create cartoon characters with a software or a pencil.

Example #2

How to create an outline

The second image is very common too. This drawing is still drawn with a black outline. But the character is now filled with colors. Now it's time to be a little more creative! Let's move on to the next step!

Example #3

How to create an outline

This character was created with a white outline. The result is unusual and quite interesting, but it's not as convincing as the first two drawings. The left eye is missing and both feet are hard to read.

Example #4

How to create an outline

We are now able to read accurately all parts of the character by adding a color (other than white) to the background. In this example, the white outline is working pretty well and the effect is interesting. 

However, a drawing like this one can be fine for a print or for a single comic strip panel, but could be annoying if all characters of a 64 pages comic book were drawn like this.

Example #5

How to create an outline

Another exercise you could try would be to color the outline with a different tone than black or white. In this example since most parts of the turkey are brown (or close to brown), I decided to create an outline with a light brown color. It can be interesting, but once again, might not be appropriate if used in a long comic strip series.

Example #6

How to create an outline

Finally, this one is probably the best example of an outline with a relevant variation! The outline of each part of the character is colored with a tone matching the one used for filling the shape. 

The result is a drawing that is pleasant to look at! It might involve a little bit more work, but I really think that the result is worth the effort!

Like you can see, it doesn't take much to create an interesting cartoon character! Just use different colors for the outline and don't be afraid to experiment! 

You might find new ideas that will bring your work to a new level, to something you never thought possible! Now you know how to create an outline using various colors! Enjoy!

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