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how to draw a house clip art filled with adorable effects

How to draw a house clip art

Learn how to draw a house clip art that is visually slightly impossible, but still quite appealing. Indeed, the fun thing about clip art illustrations and cartoon images is that you can draw virtually anything you want to. In this case, the shape of the house as well as the fact that the chimney is huge are two elements that are rarely seen is real life.

In this lesson, you will also learn how to add simple details and create basic textures to create more depth and volume inside the house without using color gradients or any other complex digital effects.

step 1 - drawing a few lines to get started

First, let's add a few lines to create the main shape of the house. All these lines are slightly curved to give more personality to the drawing (because straight lines are usually ... flat and boring!). As you can see below, the roof must be larger and higher than the bottom part.

How to draw a house clip art

step 2 - adding the chimney and some small trees

Next, you can draw the chimney on top of the roof using more lines with pointed ends. Notice the perspective on the bottom part of the object. Make sure the chimney is tall, not too large and high enough on the roof. A few trees can be sketched on both sides of the subject as well as in the middle of the illustration.

How to draw a house clip art

step 3 - windows and doors

Great! So far, this house clip art is looking fine. We just need to draw more details and create textures to give all the depth needed to end up with an appealing result. For this step, let's draw four windows and a door on the cartoon house. This time, a few straight lines can be used to create the windows.

One window must be drawn on the front of the roof. As you can see, windows are made from four straight lines and two additional lines on the inside. Don't forget to draw the door and add a simple step on the bottom of this one.

How to draw a house clip art

step 4 - let's draw textures using small lines and basic shapes

Inside the chimney, sketch a few bricks using small rectangles. On top of the roof, two different textures are drawn. First, horizontal lines are sketched in front of the roof. On the side of it, small broken lines are added all around the chimney. That's it for the drawing aspect of this tutorial. Let's add some colors and a few basic shadows.

How to draw a house clip art

step 5 - plain colors to create a simple illustration

Inside the house clip art, add plain colors as shown below. Both sides of the roof can be red while the front is filled with a light brown color. A similar color is used inside the chimney. A darker brown color can be used on the bottom part of the house. All windows are blue and trees are green.

How to draw a house clip art

step 6 - solid shapes to create shadows

To give more depth to this illustration, let's draw a few basic shapes on places that must be hidden by shadows. You can see all new additions below (all shapes with a pink outline). The shapes are added below the chimney, inside this one, on the roof, around the windows, on the trees and along the door.

How to draw a house clip art

a nice house clip art made in just six easy steps

Below you can see the result once all shapes and colors are added inside the cartoon house. You don't necessarily need to draw a complex picture to end up with an interesting image. This little house is pretty easy to achieve, but it is still visually appealing. It's all about adding subtle details and beautiful shapes.

How to draw a house clip art

have fun creating more houses!

This lesson might be over, but you are not done yet! Why not draw more houses using various shapes, textures, colors and digital effects? Like I said earlier, possibilities are endless.

How to draw a house clip art

Be creative and draw more buildings that are amazing and inspiring (like the ones below). As long as you are having fun, you will learn to draw during the whole process for sure! ;)

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