Horse in Goofy Gymnastics

by Jon Ohman
(Dennis, MA, USA)

A cartoon horse performing silly gymnastics

Inspired by the 1949 Disney Animated Short, “Goofy Gymnastics”

This horse is having trouble lifting a barbell. Since he could just lift the heavy weight with his hands from the floor, he lies on the floor to lift the barbell with his feet. Then the weights of the barbell close in on his hands and feet like a magnet. With his hands and feet trapped in the barbell, the horse lifts his bottom and moves it back and forth as an impractical effort to lift the barbell. As he fails such effort, the horse falls forward and the barbell hits the floor and starts rolling like a wheel with the horse still on it. The horse falls off a spring board he rolled onto, flips, and lands on his feet finally lifting the barbell over his head.

Again, this is a spoof of “Goofy Gymnastics”

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Jan 30, 2018
by: Martin

Very nice sequence! Thanks for the drawings and for the charming story behind it! :)

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