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How to draw a horse clip art using several fun examples

How To Draw A Horse Clip Art Using Several Fun Examples

Sketching a beautiful horse clip art can be a difficult task. Indeed, horses are anatomically challenging to illustrate. The back legs have a unique shape and creating a realistic posture requires some work. In this series, you will have the opportunity to try a wide variety of lessons featuring simple characters made from basic shapes. Other lessons are based on more advanced techniques like adding shadows and reflections.

Horses have been domesticated for at least 6000 years. Since they are strong, agile and possess an excellent sense of balance, they are perfect for transportation or other difficult task. It's also fun to note that a horse can either sleep standing or while lying on the ground. Most horses will live for a good 30 years. Like most creatures on earth, these beautiful animals come in various sizes and colors. Ready? Let's proceed with our first lesson now.

Working on a cute character made from a square

This first horse clipart is featuring an adorable character made from a large rectangle. Hair on top of the head is done using short curved lines. Ears are narrow and pointed near the end. Both eyes are represented by huge circular shapes. Small pupils are added inside the animal.

You can also draw the mouth and nose using a smooth rectangle. Feet are made from short lines and the tail from long curved lines. Add brown colors inside the illustration and make sure the mane, the tail and the hooves are darker than the rest of the character. Nice work!

How To Draw A Horse Clip Art

Drawing another fun creature using mostly curved lines

This next tutorial on how to draw a horse consists of a cute subject mostly made from curved lines. Start by working on the head using a large oval shape. The mouth is done using a small version of the same shape. Repeat the process on last time to form the body. Short legs made from rectangles are added below the animal. You can illustrate the tail using long pointed lines.

Ears are done using triangles and a simple mane is sketched on top of the head. Eyes and pupils are made from perfect circles. Draw reflections inside the pupils and patches inside the ears. The nose is made from small dots. For the mouth, a large curved line is used.

How To Draw A Horse Clip Art

The cutest horse clip art made from thick outlines

Our next subject from this series on how to draw horses is done using thick outlines. You can begin this lesson by drawing a large head and a body using squares created with round corners. Ears are done using short curved lines. The mane of the horse is represented by several short triangles.

The eyes and the nose are formed by perfect dots. You can draw the mouth using a long curved line. Don't forget to draw large feet and a subtle tail. When you are ready, add colors inside the illustration. Make sure the patch inside around the mouth is darker. 

How To Draw A Horse Clip Art

It's time to draw a more realistic version of this character!

So far, characters created for this series were rather basic. That's why it's time to work on a more elaborated version of a cartoon horse. This time, let's also try a more challenging perspective. First, create a basic template using a few circles and rectangles. Once these basic shapes are added, refine the silhouette of the animal.

Next, draw some hooves and legs. In the fifth step, you can sketch important features like the eyes, the mane, the tail and the nose. Unlike previous lessons, this one is also filled with gradients. The body is colored in brown and the mane in yellow. Nice work creating a beautiful horse clip art!

How To Draw A Horse Clip Art

Another fun version filled with more effects

How about learning how to draw a horse using cool shadows and reflections? That's exactly what this lesson is all about. To create these fun effects, you will need to draw new shapes that must be partially transparent to create the desired effect. This lesson is not focusing on how to create the horse clip art using basic shapes, but rather how to add proper effects to create more depth and volume.

In the first step, you can see how the animal was created. Then, simple add plain colors and gradients to bring the character to life. Shadows are then added to increase the contrast. You can see these new additions in the fourth step. Next, draw bright shapes in some areas to create highlights.

How To Draw A Horse Clip Art

A perfect character with a perfect posture

Are you looking for a cartoon illustration of a horse depicting a perfect posture? Great! This lesson is definitely for you! Like most lessons we tried previously, this one is built using basic shapes. Then, you can polish the drawing by sketching the silhouette of the horse clip art.

The body and the back legs are the most challenging parts to get right. Draw a large jaw and add two small eyes. Ears are long and pointed and the mane filled with hair. Notice how the tail is also made from several long curved lines. Nice work! Just one more tutorial for you to enjoy!

How To Draw A Horse Clip Art

Working on a head that looks adorable

This fun lesson is featuring a simple horse head drawing. Once again, this lesson is mostly focusing on adding fun effects instead of just drawing the subject using basic shapes. The real fun begins in the fourth step when gradients are added to the image. In the next step, dark shadows are applied on the head.

In the sixth step, these shapes are partially hidden to create a subtle result. The same process is used to create white reflections. Finally, all lines are filled with colors in the last step of this lesson. Black lines are cool, but using colors can help create a more enjoyable character.

How To Draw A Horse Clip Art

Drawing the perfect horse clip art can be a challenging task. This animal is complex to illustrate, but you can still have fun and succeed by drawing the character using only circles and rectangles. Practice as often as possible and don't forget to try more cute animals from the same series here. :)

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