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how to draw a hockey clip art featuring a fun player

How to draw a hockey clip art

Learn how to draw a hockey clip art featuring a cute player holding a stick and ready for action. I will show you how to illustrate this adorable character in just a few easy steps using basic shapes, short lines and plain colors. Hockey is a fast sport filled with action and excitement. Players need to be strong, agile and precise. Let's see how we can illustrate this character properly by proceeding with the first step found above.

drawing the head and body

First, you can draw the body of the player using a small rectangle drawn from long curved lines. These lines must be pointed on both ends (and it must be the case for all future lines too). Next, start working on the head by adding two lines on both sides of this one. Complete this step with the addition of short legs made from tiny lines.

How to draw a hockey clip art

adding arms and feet

In this second step, you can start by drawing the arms using short rectangles. Both hands are made from a short curved line. When you are done, you can work on the feet using simple broken lines. Now that the basic elements of the character are created, let's add some accessories to turn this person into a cool hockey player.

How to draw a hockey clip art

creating a beautiful face filled with emotions

Inside the head, draw two large eyes using perfect circles. Pupils are made from simple dots. Next, draw the nose using a long broken line. The mouth is made from a mix of several short lines. On top of the head, create the helmet using more long curved lines. Short eyebrows are added on top of the object.

How to draw a hockey clip art

sketching a realistic hockey stick and cool skates

So far the character is only wearing a basic helmet. That's not enough to illustrate a hockey player properly. For this step, let's work on two important pieces of equipment : a hockey stick and skates.

Skates are made from a few short lines on top and a long one on the bottom. On the right of the illustration, you can now draw the stick using mostly long straight lines. Don't forget to add tape on the head of the stick.

How to draw a hockey clip art

more details to complete this part of the lesson

It's time to add some details to make this illustration more appealing. First, complete the visor by adding a small line on the bottom of the helmet. Next, create a few stripes on the arms and legs of the character. Finally, you can draw a basic logo on the jersey using any shapes you can think of.

How to draw a hockey clip art

bright colors are also required

For this tutorial, I have selected a bright blue color for the helmet and the uniform of the hockey player. Both skates are filled with various gray colors while the stick is mostly brown. You can also use a different color to make the visor visually more interesting. Teeth are filled with a light gray color.

How to draw a hockey clip art

great work drawing a cute hockey clip art

I hope you had fun illustrating this simple hockey clip art featuring a nice player standing and smiling. You can find more animals and characters from the same series here.

How to draw a hockey clip art

Don't forget to practice as often as possible. Once you are familiar with the template use to create this image, drawing your own character will become a fun and easy task. More lessons related to sports can also be found below. Enjoy! :)

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