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How to draw a heart clip art filled with shiny effects

How to draw a heart clip art

Learning how to draw a heart clip art is definitely not a difficult task, but sketching the perfect shape to create this illustration can be a little bit tricky. In this tutorial, I will have the opportunity to play with a few alternatives that are slightly different and that can represent various emotions using this famous icon. Once we have selected the most lovable shape to work with, I will show you how to add simple digital effects to end up with an adorable image.

Let's draw a basic version for now

Drawing a simple cartoon heart is really simple. All you need to do is draw two large circles on top (they must be side-by-side) and sketch a pointed triangle below both circles. Using this basic template, you can now draw the shape of a heart quite easily. 

This first attempt is pretty straightforward. All shapes are followed closely and the whole image feels static and not very appealing. It lacks personality. Let's use the same technique to create more heart clip art and see how it goes.

How to draw a heart clip art
How to draw a heart clip art

Rougher shapes to end up with a more original version

Instead of using circles on top, with not play with a couple of diamonds? The triangle found on the bottom of the template is also larger and taller. Although we used basic shapes that were made from sharp corners to create the template, the final heart is still drawn using long curved lines that are soft and visually appealing.

This unique heart clip art can be used to illustrate anything you want (even if the shape is slightly different and more unusual than the ones found in the previous step). Great! Let's try something else now! :)

How to draw a heart clip art
How to draw a heart clip art

Going back to using circular shapes

In this third attempt, circular shapes are back on top of the heart clip art. In fact, these new elements are closer to oval shapes. Our goal this time is to make the top slightly flatter compared to both previous versions. We are still using beautiful long curved lines to create the illustration.

How to draw a heart clip art
How to draw a heart clip art

A heart with lots of personality

Let's use oval shapes once again, but this time these objects must be placed vertically. The triangle is tiny and shorter compared to all previous steps. We also need to use strong curved lines to create our simple heart clip art. The tip of the heart on the bottom of the illustration must be sharp and pointed. See how the result is more appealing now? Let's use this heart to create a more polished version. :)

How to draw a heart clip art
How to draw a heart clip art

color gradients to create some depth and volume

The first thing we can do is add color gradients inside the heart to create simple depth and volume. I also like to modify the color of the outline instead of using just a black color. In this case, the bottom of the stroke is colored in red (very dark) while the top is filled with a brighter version of the same color.

How to draw a heart clip art

A simple shadow to increase the level of realism

On the bottom left of the heart clip art, you can draw an additional shape filled with a dark red color. Then, play with the opacity of this new shape so that the bottom remains dark and the top partially transparent. The new shape is surrounded by a dark blue line, but this one is not needed for this lesson.

How to draw a heart clip art

highlights to create even more depth

Two new shapes colored in white can be added inside the cartoon heart. First, you can duplicate the shape of the heart, reduce the size of the new shape and color this one in white. Then, use transparency to end up with a very subtle result. You can also draw an oval shape and use the same recipe to create a light reflection.

How to draw a heart clip art

That's it! We are done drawing a simple heart clip art

As you can see below, you don't need to draw complex shapes or add tons of digital effects to end up with a fun cartoon illustration. Just a few shadows and highlights are enough to turn a simple 2D image into a nice picture that is appealing and fun to look at.

How to draw a heart clip art

Draw more hearts, try more shapes!

In the first part of the tutorial, we saw how playing with various shapes could help create nice hearts that were different and all visually interesting. It's now time to unleash your creativity and try to draw more hearts that are unique and filled with digital effects.

How to draw a heart clip art

Don't hesitate to try new things and go beyond what we have learned in this lesson! :)

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