how to draw a hamburger clipart

Learn how to draw a hamburger clipart using a short video and a simple step-by-step drawing lesson. Indeed, I will show you how to illustrate this delicious meal in minutes using a short and simple video as well as a written version filled with all the information you need. If you prefer eating hamburgers than drawing them, then this tutorial is probably not for you! Ready? Let's start below with the short video ...

How to draw a hamburger clipart

Drawing a hamburger clipart in just minutes

If you have four or five little minutes to spare, then you can take a look at the short video located below. This one contains all steps needed to illustrate this amazing food quickly and easily. Still need more details or perhaps you have a few questions? Simply scroll down to learn more about this basic drawing lesson.

How to draw a hamburger

The first step we need to do is sketch a simple template made from basic shapes. This one doesn't need to be perfect. Our goal is just to place the subject in the work space to see how it looks like. Hamburgers are not complex, so just a few oval shapes and rectangles will do.

How to draw a hamburger clipart

It's now time to draw this delicious meal. Now we need to pay attention and draw something relevant! Notice the small details inside the tomatoes, the holes inside the cheese and the depth added to most elements inside the hamburger. Excellent! This one is perfect and recognizable enough to look like a nice hamburger clipart.

How to draw a hamburger clipart

You can now erase all shapes created earlier (in gray) and keep only the blue lines (that are now displayed in black). This illustration is visually appealing, but we can make it even better by adding plain colors.

How to draw a hamburger clipart

Yes, only plain colors are needed to illustrate this simple subject. The buns are filled with a bright beige color. The lettuce is filled with a bright green color above, and a darker version below. Tomatoes are red and the meat is brown. Finally, a saturate yellow / orange color is used for the cheese. Nice work! This delicious hamburger looks very good.

How to draw a hamburger clipart

Have fun drawing more hamburgers ... or eating them!

Below you can see all four steps required to illustrate this cartoon hamburger quickly and easily. If you feel like drawing more hamburgers, you can always try this one also from this site. If you prefer to eat a good hamburger, then simply make one or go to a restaurant near you (I am sure you can find one!). Have fun! :)

How to draw a hamburger clipart

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