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how to draw halloween cartoons that look fun and creepy

How To Draw Halloween Cartoons That Look Fun And Creepy

Drawing beautiful Halloween cartoons is an easy task using several basic and complex tutorials from this site. In this section, you will have access to tons of cute animals, creatures as well as various misc lessons to help you enjoy a fun Halloween! Whether you like working with bats, spiders, trolls, vampires, bones and skeletons, all you need to draw fun illustrations is available below.

Don't worry! Although this theme can be filled with terrifying creatures or scary concepts, all lessons found on this page are simple and perfect for anyone. Of course, it's Halloween! It's the perfect time to enjoy gruesome characters and frightening images.

Since all these characters are drawn with simple shapes and lines, it should be a fun and interesting experience! Ready? Let's try to illustrate a few of these animals and characters now ...

Spiders are creepy ... and fun to draw!

First, let's try a simple video lesson featuring a cool cartoon spider from a side view. Filled with brown colors and drawn with thick outlines, this amazing character can be achieved quickly and easily. Study all steps carefully, take your time to draw all parts accordingly and within a few minutes you should end up with a similar version of this cute insect.

In just four easy steps, sketch and create a second spider that has long legs, a dark body and a cute facial expression. Although this lesson is quite easy to achieve, you can still go one step further by adding more shadows and reflections on the creature's body. Making a few parts shinier will increase the realism of this cartoon animal and bring your work to another level.

How To Draw Halloween Cartoons That Look Fun And Creepy

a cute cartoon bat filled with cool effects!

Bats are definitely playing a huge part during Halloween's night. This one is a nice challenge if you are looking for a fun and appealing cartoon character to work with. To create all these adorable digital effects, you need to use lots of color gradients and draw simple shadows and highlights manually. This is certainly a lesson for intermediate or advance users. 

How To Draw Halloween Cartoons That Look Fun And Creepy

One simple vampire made mostly from squares

Take a break and relax while illustrating a pretty basic vampire that is done using mostly squares. Only the eyes, the pupils, the hands, the feet and the ears are created from circular shapes. You can use the same recipe to draw more Halloween cartoons like mummies, monsters or ghosts. Just have fun and be creative!

How To Draw Halloween Cartoons That Look Fun And Creepy

drawing the grim reaper ... a terrifying experience!

Illustrating this cute grim reaper can be a terrifying experience. Fortunately, it's not because the character is frightening, but mostly because you need to add the proper digital effect on the proper body parts that this tutorial is so scary.

Once the character is drawn and plain colors are added inside the drawing, all you need to do is play with color gradients to create more depth inside the image. Drawing additional shadows and highlights manually is also a good idea if you want to increase the level of realism.

How To Draw Halloween Cartoons That Look Fun And Creepy

Got a question? Don't ask this guy!

Goblins are also amusing to sketch. Especially if the character you are working with is grumpy and holding a huge bat. This fun illustration is also filled with lots of details and textures to make the final result fun and believable. Drawing Halloween cartoons like this one might be a huge task, but it can be a rewarding one once you see the final result.

How To Draw Halloween Cartoons That Look Fun And Creepy

a simple bone filled with simple effects

Halloween is not only based on scary animals or ugly cartoon characters. It's also filled with strange objects, giant pumpkins or ... bones. In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a realistic bone filled with simple shadows that are subtle, but quite effective. Take your time to draw this one. It's a delicate tutorial that requires patience and skills.

How To Draw Halloween Cartoons That Look Fun And Creepy

More halloween cartoons for you to enjoy!

Did you had fun working with these tutorial based on various Halloween cartoons? Great! Below you can find a huge list filled with even more lessons like crows, vampires, witches, pumpkins or even brains. All you need to make this holiday as creepy and scary as possible can be found on the list below.

Have fun, be creative and don't hesitate to apply all the tips you will learn below inside your work. Drawing scary characters is always a fun activity to enjoy and these tutorials are all you need to make Halloween a special moment! :)


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