how to draw a grim reaper clipart using thick black lines

Learn how to create a grim reaper clipart and get ready for a fun, but terrifying Halloween! This cartoon character can hardly be described as being cute and adorable. After all, this skeleton covered with dark clothing usually represents ... death! As far as I am concerned, it doesn't matter. We are capable of drawing and illustrating a nice grim reaper using basic shapes, lines and colors. Skeptical? Let's give it a try! :)

How to draw a grim reaper clipart

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step 1 - a simple cartoon character to illustrate

First, let's use dark lines and strokes to create all parts of the character. You can start by drawing the skull using two large oval shapes and long curved lines. Teeth are made from four smaller lines. Then, you can draw the body and the clothing of this grim reaper clipart.

Only one hand is visible and the bottom of the costume is sharp and pointed. Another sharp object that needs to be drawn is the scythe. You can use one long stick and a sharp blade to complete this part of the illustration.

How to draw a grim reaper clipart

step 2 - colors ... really dark colors ...

Next, you can apply plain colors inside this cartoon image. The costume of the reaper is colored in dark grey and the stick is orange. Both holes to form the eyes are black and the blade is white for now. You can also use white inside the skull and on the fingers. Nice work! Let's proceed to the next step with the addition of depth and volume.

How to draw a grim reaper clipart

step 3 - color gradients for more realism

Plain colors are nice, but we need something visually more appealing to create more depth and volume inside our character. If you are using a vector application, then color gradients are certainly needed! As you can see below, the top of the costume is brighter while the bottom is darker. Is also the case for the scythe, the skull and the fingers. Once all effects are added, the drawing looks already more interesting ... but we can do better!

How to draw a grim reaper clipart

step 4 - shadows to create even more volume

Another thing that can be done to enhance this fun illustration is to add more shadows manually. Drawing new shapes in strategic places can increase the contrast between some body parts and create a whole new cartoon character. All these new shapes must be partially transparent to be effective.

You can draw new shadows around the eyes, on the blade of the scythe, on the teeth, around the skull and on the fingers. More shadows are also found on the clothing, below the skull, below both hands, on the stick of the scythe and on the chest of the character.

How to draw a grim reaper clipart

step 5 - highlights to create more depth

Dark shapes are nice, but how about adding brighter ones to create even more volume inside the grim reaper clipart? In this case, we need to draw white shapes (that can also be partially transparent to end up with a subtle result) in a few selected areas. Places like the top of the head, the blade of the scythe or the fingers are all excellent choices.

How to draw a grim reaper clipart

step 6 - Here you go! A cute grim reaper clipart to work with!

Below you can see the final illustration when all shapes, lines and digital effects are added.

How to draw a grim reaper clipart
How to draw a grim reaper clipart

Even if the character was drawn using 2D tools, we can still enjoy a nice 3D look that feels realistic and genuine. All these tips can be used to draw more characters like this one quickly and effectively! Enjoy and have fun! :)

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