How to Create Grass Texture using simple tips

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a simple grass texture! While drawing a background for a comic strip or for a simple cartoon drawing, we are very often tempted to use a simple recipe. 

A blue background for the sky and a small, green rectangle for the grass. This is nice and effective, but why not try to go a little further and create something more complex and enjoyable to look at! 

To make things even simpler, I have included in each step two different images to help you figure out how I did it. On top, you will see the lines (on a white background) I have used for this particular step. On bottom, you will see the results of this step and the previous ones combine together. Cool! Now let's draw!

Step 1

How To Create Grass Texture

First, use a dark tone and fill the entire area where you want to sketch your grass. Don't choose a color that is too dark. Also, make sure that the grass is drawn organically and randomly. After all, we are not looking to create a synthetic grass!

Step 2

How To Create Grass Texture
How To Create Grass Texture

Next, add some lines using a tone that is lighter than the previous one. Don't make it too dark (we want to see it) and don't go for a light color yet. We will save this one for the last step. Fill the entire area, but leave some space on top and make sure that the darker grass is still visible.

Step 3

How To Create Grass Texture
How To Create Grass Texture

For this third step, choose a tone of color that is lighter than the first one, but darker than the second one. Cover the same area as you did in the last step, but this time don't draw the lines too close to each other. 

Step 4

How To Create Grass Texture
How To Create Grass Texture

Try to grab the same color that you have used in the first step and cover the lines you've just drawn in the previous step. Of course, don't cover this area entirely and leave some room for us to see a little bit of all previous steps.

Step 5

How To Create Grass Texture
How To Create Grass Texture

Finally, use a light color and add some lines all over the grass. In this case, just draw a couple of lines since only a partial section of the grass is hit by the light of the sun. Congratulations! 

You've just created a simple grass texture in only five easy steps. The real challenge is to apply enough colors in each step to make the whole thing alive and pleasant to look at. And that is something you will achieved only with practice. Good luck and happy drawing!

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