How to Draw a Grandma Clipart

Learn how to create a grandma clipart in no time using simple shapes, lines and colors. This clipart character is relatively easy to illustrate if you are already able to draw circles, squares and rectangles. In just four easy steps, I will show you how to draw a cute cartoon grandma that looks amazing.

Grandmas are often depicted with a simple haircut (short hair), glasses and simple clothing filled with neutral colors. All these features will be added on the character below using a few lines and basic shapes. Ready? Let's work on this fun cartoon character now!

How To Draw A Grandma Clipart

Step 1

First, let's draw the head using a large square. On both sides of this new shape, draw two small ears using circles. Then, below the head, add a rectangle to form the body of the grandma. Finally, draw the skirt using a rectangle that must be larger on the bottom. The arms are done with small rectangles while the hands are made from small circles.

How To Draw A Grandma Clipart

Step 2

In this second step, you can start by drawing the hair using a long curved line. Then, you can create the eyes using circles. Pupils are also made from smaller circles. On the forehead, another line must be added to complete the hair. The mouth is represented by a long curved line with pointed ends.

How To Draw A Grandma Clipart

Step 3

Good job! This is the final part before adding colors. Between both eyes, draw a line to convert these eyes into glasses. On the shirt of the character, draw a pattern below the head and then sketch two small lines to illustrate the breast. Finally, a small rectangle can be added on the skirt.

How To Draw A Grandma Clipart

Step 4

Let's add colors! The hair of the cartoon grandma must be grey. The glasses are blue and the pupils almost black. The shirt is pink and the skirt is purple. Patterns on the clothing can be white. You can also modify the outline's colors to make the illustration visually more appealing.

How To Draw A Grandma Clipart

Cool! This is a very adorable grandma clipart!

Excellent! You can see all four steps required to illustrate this adorable grandma below. It's now your turn to draw the character using basic elements. Don't hesitate to play with hair, clothing and posture. It's a nice challenge to create your own character and it's the best technique to use if you want to improve your abilities quickly and effectively. :)

How To Draw A Grandma Clipart

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