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how to draw a cute goblin clipart filled with basic textures

How to draw a goblin clipart

Create a cute goblin clipart using this simple step-by-step tutorial in just minutes. Simply grab a pencil, a piece of paper and a few markers to enjoy this lesson. I will show you how to create this cute creature quickly and easily using only four easy steps as well as a short video filled with all the visual information you need to end up with a cute character like the one above. Ready? Let's proceed with the first part of this tutorial ...

how to draw a goblin clipart using a short video

If you want to see how this cartoon monster was created, then this cute video is definitely a good introduction. You will have the opportunity to witness in real-time how this illustration was sketched, drawn and colored. If you need more tips, simply scroll down a little bit for more information.

How to draw a goblin in four easy steps

First, we need to sketch a few basic shapes to form a template to guide us through the drawing process. This template is mostly made from basic shapes like rectangles, triangles and circles. Our goal is to place the creature inside the work space and visualize the posture and the proportions. Once all adjustments are made, we can proceed with the next step.

How to draw a goblin clipart

It's now time to draw the cartoon goblin. The head and the body are joined together using the same shape. Ears are made from triangles and fingers are sharp. The shape of the nose is pretty unique, so pay attention to this one. Adding large eyebrows is also a must. Pants are made from a bunch of triangles and straight lines.

How to draw a goblin clipart

Once you are done drawing the goblin, you can erase all gray lines created earlier. All we need to keep are the thick strokes. This cartoon illustration is pretty basic, so adding colors and a few textures can improve this one dramatically.

How to draw a goblin clipart

You will need two colors to create this illustration: brown and green. The eyes are red while both teeth are gray. Ears are brighter and a few patches are added all over the body. More textures are added on the pants in the form of short straight lines. Nice work!

How to draw a goblin clipart

drawing more goblins can be a fun exercise!

Below you can see all four steps required to illustrate this character properly. If you want to try something more challenging, why not draw a complex goblin made from advanced digital effects?

How to draw a goblin clipart

Have fun drawing more creatures like this one and don't hesitate experimenting with postures, textures, colors and shapes. Just keep drawing and practicing as often as possible! ;)

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