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how to draw a giant crocodile using fun effects

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a giant crocodile drawn with huge muscles, a scary attitude and several simple digital effects. Indeed, I will show you how to create basic shadows using simple shapes and how to add reflections on the most relevant areas to create more depth inside the cartoon animal.

How to draw a giant crocodile

These impressive creatures are fun to draw from various angles and postures. In this case, you will have the opportunity to draw the crocodile from a front view while this one is hunting for food. Let's take a look at everything we need to know about the character before drawing this one! :)

  1. Large spikes are visible on the back of the giant crocodile.
  2. Shoulder blades are large and massive.
  3. More spikes can be seen on the tail of the creature.
  4. Patches can be found below the tail.
  5. Back legs are strong, huge and compact.
  6. Claws are made from round triangles.
  7. Several small teeth are visible below the mouth.
  8. Eyes are filled with a dark red color.
  9. The nose consists of two dark oval shapes.
  10. Eyes are surrounded by thick muscles.

Cool! I think we have a good overview of all parts and areas that need to be drawn carefully. Ready? Let's work on this incredible animal now! :)

step 1 - drawing a few shapes

Yes, it's a good practice to create a few basic shapes before drawing the character itself to end up with accurate proportions. It's even more relevant when the character is featured in a complex posture like this one.

First, draw a large oval shape to form the body. Then, create both front arms using more oval shapes. The head is made of a circle and the jaw is represented by a square. Another oval shape is needed for the back leg and the tail is made from rectangles and a triangle.

How to draw a giant crocodile

step 2 - Let's draw this giant crocodile!

Indeed, we now have everything needed to illustrate this giant crocodile properly. You can mostly use long curved lines to sketch the tail, the head, the body, the jaw, the mouth and the claws of this huge creature. When you are done, you can erase all orange shapes added in the previous step.

How to draw a giant crocodile

step 3 - More details are needed!

Inside the tail, draw several small pointed triangles to represent all spikes. More spikes can be added on the back of the cartoon character. Then, draw some patches on the tail using small curved lines. You can complete this step by drawing small teeth and pupils inside the head of the crocodile.

How to draw a giant crocodile

step 4 - Adding saturated (and plain) colors

The color selected for this drawing is close to green (with a touch of yellow). The patches found on the tail of the giant crocodile are filled with a light and bright yellow color. Pupils are red and all spikes, teeth and claws are white. You can also use a dark green color on all outlines and strokes.

How to draw a giant crocodile

step 5 - gradient colors to add some depth

The first step to add some volume inside this horrific creature is to use the gradient fill tool from your vector application and add a second (and darker) green color on the bottom of all shapes. You can also repeat this step on the spikes and the claws. Of course, this effect can also be done manually if you are not drawing with a software.

How to draw a giant crocodile

step 6 - drawing beautiful shadows

The second thing we can do to create more depth is add more shadows that are drawn manually. These new shapes are usually partially hidden (otherwise these shadows would be too strong, too dramatic). You can see these new shapes below (surrounded by a pink outline).

How to draw a giant crocodile

step 7 - how it should look like with shadows

Once all pink outlines are removed (they were added just to help you locate all new shapes on the cartoon crocodile), you can see how the character must look like for now. This version is great, but we can add one more effect to make this illustration even better!

How to draw a giant crocodile

step 8 - Reflections to add even more depth

Dark areas are nice, but sketching more shapes filled with a simple white color to create reflection on the character is even better! Once again, a pink outline was added on all shapes to help you see where these elements must be created. Don't forget to use transparency to make the whole thing visually more exciting!

How to draw a giant crocodile

step 9 - the final version of our crocodile

This is how the final version of this adorable crocodile should look like (because yes, this frightening creature can also be adorable!). If you want to go one step further, then feel free to create more shadows and textures on the cartoon character. Anything that can bring this illustration closer to a real picture is worth drawing! :)

How to draw a giant crocodile

Want more cool animals like this one?

I hope you enjoyed this simple lesson. Yes, the cartoon crocodile was a little bit complex to illustrate, but with a little practice, no doubt that you can draw a similar version (or a better one) within a few attempts!

How to draw a giant crocodile

Would you like to learn how to draw more characters like this one? Simply go here! Have fun sketching and drawing and don't forget to practice as often as possible!

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