how to draw a Ghost Drawing with a funny expression

Creating a cool ghost drawing might seem like an easy task. After all, you just need to draw a weird shape, add two eyes and color the whole thing in white, right? Yes, you can create a nice ghost using this simple recipe, but we can do something even better if we want to!

In this drawing lesson, I'm gonna show you how to add a few basic effects using a vector application to convert a simple illustration of a ghost into something more interesting, more effective. 

How To Draw A Ghost Drawing With A Funny Expression

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Step 1

First, let's draw the shape of the cartoon character. To make a successful illustration of a ghost, make sure that the head is round and not too small. You can add a few curved lines to represent the arms and hands.

Finally, on the bottom of the character, Make sure that the shape is irregular and also made from curved lines. 

Step 2

Next we need to add a few details on the ghost drawing. My goal is not to draw a detailed character, but simply create a good effect using transparency and great colors. Therefore, we can draw both eyes using simple circles and a large mouth as shown above.  We can also add a simple line to illustrate the chin.

Step 3

A white ghost can be pretty boring, so why not choose a different color. A dark and subtle tone of blue is more appropriated. The pupils can be colored in black while the mouth can also be colored with a dark blue color.

Step 4

It's now time to add a few effects to make our ghost drawing visually more interesting. On the body, add a second color using the gradient tool. You can select a lighter version of the blue color used earlier. You can repeat the same step in the mouth. This simple trick already adds more depth into the mouth of the cartoon character. 

Step 5

Great! Even if the ghost is slightly transparent (well, not now, but it will be later on), we can draw additional shapes and illustrate a few shadows on areas not affected by lighting.

Since the light source is located on the right of the illustration, you can draw dark shapes on the left of the ghost. You can also draw darker shapes around the eyes and below the chin. 

Step 6

Ghost drawing

These new shapes are nice, but certainly too dark to be effective. Your application is probably capable of creating amazing transparency effects. Your goal is to partially hide shapes created in the previous step and make them more subtle. 

Step 7

Ghost drawing

Once this is done, we can also represent another simple effect on the cartoon character: reflection. Now that we have created darker shapes on areas not affected by lighting, we need to draw brighter shapes on areas that are very affected by lighting. 

To do so, simply draw small oval shapes on both pupils of the ghost drawing. Then, you can also draw two large white shapes on the head of the character and on the right arm.

Step 8

Ghost drawing

Just like we did previously, we need to use transparency to partially hide these white shapes. Now that the effect is completed, notice how the cartoon character looks more realistic, more credible. A sense of depth is present and gives more personality to the ghost. 

Step 9

Ghost drawing

One small change that can make a huge difference is modifying the color of the outline. Instead of using a traditional black color, change the outline's color for a similar tone of blue found inside the cartoon character.

The beauty of using a vector application is the possibility to create stunning effects in just minutes. Select all elements of the character and make sure that everything is grouped together. Then, use transparency to partially hide the bottom of the illustration. 

Finally, you can add a subtle glowing effect around the ghost drawing for a better result. Good job! The character looks quite amazing and honestly, our vector software did most of the job for us! :)

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