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How to Draw a Ghost Clipart made from thick lines

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This simple and adorable ghost clipart can easily be illustrated using this tutorial designed for everyone! To make this lesson slightly different from others, a rectangle is used to form the body of the cartoon character instead of using round shapes. The result is an original version of a ghost that is easy to draw and duplicate.

Ghosts are fascinating creatures. Some people believe they exist while others simply think that ghost are only imaginary creatures. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, they are quite popular in movies, books and on Halloween nights! Let's see how we can draw this simple version in just four steps.

How To Draw A Ghost Clipart

Step 1

This first step could not be simpler! Indeed, you can start this lesson by adding a large rectangle used to illustrate the body of our cute cartoon ghost. I like to use large outlines to create an adorable character.

How To Draw A Ghost Clipart

Step 2

Now that the main shape is added, let's add two small arms on both sides of the rectangle. These shapes are not real arms, but rather clothing covering these arms. Finally, you can add a few curved lines on the bottom of the cartoon character as shown below.

How To Draw A Ghost Clipart
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Step 3

Now that we have drawn a rectangle and some curved lines, why not draw exclusively circular shapes? Use two large circles to form the eyes and two smaller ones to illustrate the pupils. The mouth is also done using a small circle.

Step 4

Although ghosts are usually depicted in white, I prefer to add a light grey color to make them visually easier to read. Of course, the pupils and the mouth must be black. Only the eyes are white.

How To Draw A Ghost Clipart

Excellent work! This lesson featuring a ghost clipart is now completed!

Good work! These are all the steps needed to illustrate this cartoon character properly. Don't hesitate to practice as often as possible. You can also try to draw another ghost, but this time using only circles.

How To Draw A Ghost Clipart

Feel free to experiment and create your own versions. It's the perfect tip to help you get better at drawing while having fun! :)

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