how to draw a ghost clip art using amazing special effects

Learn how to illustrate a fun ghost clip art filled with subtle effects and simple colors. Drawing a ghost is a real pleasure when you can have access to a vector application to apply all various effects needed to end up with a realistic character. Indeed, these creatures are mostly pale, transparent and often surrounded by weird lighting effects. Ready to learn how to draw the character found below? Cool! Let's proceed with the first step now ...

How to draw a ghost clip art

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step 1 - drawing a beautiful ghost using curved lines

You can start this tutorial by sketching parts like the head, the arms, the hands and the body using long curved lines with pointed ends. Don't forget to add a triangular shape on top of the head and since ghosts don't have feet, simply draw a few pointed shapes. Fingers are made from small curved lines and the head is mostly drawn using a circular shape.

How to draw a ghost clip art

step 2 - working inside the head and the body

The eyes are made from one long curved line and a shorter one on top that is used to create the eyebrow. The mouth is done using a single curved line. This one should be larger near the bottom. You can also sketch a few curved lines inside the body to illustrate the dress of the ghost. Now that this simple ghost clip art is drawn, it's time to add some effects and turn this average image into a beautiful one.

How to draw a ghost clip art

step 3 - adding colors inside the character

First, you can add a few shades of grey inside the eyes, the mouth and the body. Using color gradients is a good idea if you want to create a little bit of depth inside this ghost. Notice how the bottom of the body is slightly darker than the top. The same technique is used inside the eyes and the mouth. Also, all lines are now grey instead of black. This subtle modification can dramatically improve the illustration when applied properly.

How to draw a ghost clip art

step 4 - shadows to create more volume

A few shadows can be drawn inside this image to create even more depth. Areas that are not affected by the (virtual) light source must be darker. You can also apply transparency inside all new shapes so that you can end up with a subtle and realistic result. New shadows are shown below with a temporary pink outline.

How to draw a ghost clip art

step 5 - highlights are even more important!

If you are familiar with advanced drawing lessons from this site, then you know that I like to create beautiful highlights and reflections inside my drawings to create more depth and volume. These highlights are especially important for this ghost clip art. 

Simply draw bright (and white) shapes on areas that are mostly affected by the light source. After all, a ghost is usually depicted in white so all these new elements are perfect to make this character even more credible and believable.

How to draw a ghost clip art

step 6 - More highlights please! Yes ... more and more!

More reflections can be drawn around the eyes, around the mouth and inside the body. Once again, our goal is to reach a level of realism that will make this cartoon ghost even more appealing and fun to look at. You can also draw a subtle blue halo around the whole character to complete this drawing lesson.

How to draw a ghost clip art

The result? A cute ghost clip art ready to scare people!

Once all effects are added, you should end up with something like the character found below. Feel free to try new postures, add different features or make the whole drawing slightly transparent. Everything is possible and all tips learn here can easily be applied on various cartoon characters or misc subjects.

How to draw a ghost clip art
How to draw a ghost clip art

Be patient, practice as often as possible and have fun drawing more cute images like this one. You can find new lessons below. Enjoy! :)

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