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how to draw funny dog cartoons

How to draw funny dog cartoons

In this intermediate drawing lesson, you will learn how to create funny dog cartoons like the one shown on this page. Indeed, sketching and drawing funny characters is slightly more challenging since we need to find the perfect facial expression. Playing with the proportions of the body is also a good tip to end up with an adorable and comical character. Let's see how we can draw the dog found above using simple shapes, lines and digital effects.

Step 1 - funny head, large body and impressive legs

First, let's draw a few simple lines to illustrate the head, the body and the legs of this cute animal. As you can see below, the shape of the head is similar to the one of a light bulb. The legs and feet are made from several small curved lines. The back legs are also made from long curved lines made with pointed ends.

How to draw funny dog cartoons

step 2 - drawing the face, the ears and the tail

The face of the cartoon character is filled with large basic shapes. First, the eyes are made from large and perfect circles. The pupils are created using small dots. The nose is represented by a simple oval shape and the mouth is done using a curved line. Both ears are also made from curved lines. Finally, you can draw the tail using a long and thin triangle while small lines are added on top of the back legs.

How to draw funny dog cartoons

step 3 - adding beautiful colors

Of course, we need to put a little bit of life inside this cartoon character. Drawing funny dog cartoons that are not filled with colors is not a very good option! In this case, the character is mostly colored in brown. The skin is bright while the nose and the pupils are darker. All lines are also filled with a dark brown color instead of being black.

How to draw funny dog cartoons

step 4 - color gradients to create more depth and volume

If you are using a vector application to create this fun cartoon dog, then adding color gradients to create more volume is quite easy and effective. See how the ears, the body, the nose and the legs are now richer and visually more appealing? This is a fun and simple tip to use, but we can do more ...

How to draw funny dog cartoons

step 5 - drawing shadows to create more volume

Shadows are crucial to give more depth and volume to our little cartoon friend. All these additional shapes must be partially transparent so that we can end up with a more realistic result. 

You can draw shadows around the eyes, on the nose, inside the ears, on the chest and on the back legs. Simply use a darker version of the color already available inside the cartoon character.

How to draw funny dog cartoons

step 6 - highlights to create even more depth

Let's pursuit our quest to create funny dog cartoons that are adorable and realistic by adding highlights to this simple illustration. In this case, we need to sketch white shapes and make these elements partially transparent to create the perfect effect. You can add highlights near the forehead, inside the ears, on the nose, the back legs and the feet.

How to draw funny dog cartoons

Step 7 - A simple texture to elevate this drawing to another level

Sometimes, a simple texture applied on a cartoon character can change everything. In this case, a few short lines added all over the body can create a beautiful texture on the character. These new lines must be filled with a dark brown color and they must also be partially transparent.

How to draw funny dog cartoons

drawing funny dog cartoons is not a secret for you anymore!

Yes! Now that you know the perfect recipe to create funny dog cartoons, you can use all the tips and techniques you have learned here to draw more fun animals and characters like the one found below. You can now see the final version once all effects are added.

How to draw funny dog cartoons
How to draw funny dog cartoons

Feel free to improvise and try new shapes, textures and colors using your favorite tools. Be creative and have fun! More cool dogs can be drawn below. Enjoy! :)

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