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How to draw funny christmas cartoons

How To Draw Funny Christmas Cartoons

Can't wait to learn how to draw cute and funny Christmas cartoons? Good news! This section contains all the lessons and tutorials related to this wonderful time of the year! Work with fun animals and characters like penguins, polar bears, elves and of course, Santa himself. I will also show you how to create misc objects like bells, bows, candles and snowflakes.

Some of these tutorials are made from basic shapes like circles, rectangles and squares while other are slightly more complex. Whether you are a complete beginner, a casual artist or someone looking for real challenges, you will find everything you need to enhance this beautiful holiday quickly and easily.

Let's try a few of these lessons now!

A video featuring a cute elf to begin with

First, we can start working on a cute cartoon elf using this simple step-by-step video lesson. Made from large and pupils, this adorable cartoon character has everything needed to charm everyone. Filled with plain colors and made from basic shapes, this is a good introduction to the wonderful world of Christmas if you are a brand new artist.

An amazing deer made from lovely shapes

Let's draw a cute cartoon deer using curved lines and complex digital effects! The character is shown from a side view and more details are added as the tutorial is progressing. All shadows and highlights are made from additional shapes that are partially transparent and easy to illustrate.

Of course, you can also try to create the same character using a different posture or filled with more textures. Let's try more funny Christmas cartoons and see how we can put more magic into this very popular holiday.

How to draw a deer

a beautiful snowflake to create magic

Drawing a cartoon snowflake can be relatively easy, but illustrating a more realistic snowflake is definitely a more challenging task. In this case, the subject of this tutorial is filled with basic effects to create more depth and volume using mostly shadows and highlights. Lines are colored in blue and the bottom part of the snowflake is much darker than the top.

How to draw a snowflake

A simple snowman made from squares

Looking for a simpler drawing lesson to work with? Great! This cartoon snowman is mostly created from squares and rectangles. This tutorial shows that you don't need to sketch complex shapes to end up with a result that is visually appealing and easy to recognize.

In this case, squares are used to form the head and the body of the character. The hat, the scarf and the arms are also made from squares and rectangles. Only the eyes, the pupils and the buttons are made from small and large circles. Cool! Still more funny Christmas cartoons to come!

How to draw a snowman

Santa himself! What a cool character!

Yes ... we saved the best for last! In this lesson, you can learn how to draw a more realistic version of Santa Claus. Color gradients, shadows and highlights are used to form a very appealing character that almost looks like it was made with a 3D application. This adorable illustration is easier to create if you have access to a vector software. Drawing the whole thing manually is feasible, but a lot more difficult.

How to draw Santa

a lot more funny Christmas cartoons to get you busy for a while!

Did you enjoy all tutorials found above? Great! I have more funny Christmas cartoons available for you below! Once again, you will find a cool mix of easy, intermediate and advanced lessons featuring several animals, characters and themes related to Christmas. Have fun drawing all these images and don't forget to practice as often as possible if you want to improve your drawing abilities quickly and easily. :) 




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