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How to Draw Funny Cartoon Cows with an adorable expression

How To Draw Funny Cartoon Cows With An Adorable Expression

You can draw funny cartoon cows using a wide variety of shapes, lines and colors. In this tutorial, I will show you a simple technique to come up with an adorable character mostly built from ... squares and rectangles! Yes, it might be an unusual thing to do, but the result can be surprisingly interesting. Of course, it might be easier to draw a funny animal using only circles and oval shapes, but I like the challenge of using sharp shapes.

Fortunately, cows are easy animals to illustrate. They are featuring simple characteristics like a fore udder, patches, hooves and small horns that are easily recognizable. If you can incorporate all these features into your drawing, then chances are you will succeed at drawing a nice looking cow. Ready? Let's see how we can end up with a fun version of this animal in just a few basic steps.

drawing a large rectangle to form the body

The first step is quite simple. All you need to do is draw a large rectangle to form the body of the cartoon character. As you can see below, the shape is almost a square, but it's not the case. Our shape is slightly larger. We need enough room inside the rectangle to add all the body parts and patches needed to draw an adorable cow. Make sure to leave some room around the body to add the legs and the horns.

How To Draw Funny Cartoon Cows

adding the head and two large legs

Next, you can draw another rectangle inside the original one to represent the head. This shape is perfectly aligned with the left side and the top of the body. Notice the nice of this new addition below. You can also draw two small legs on the bottom of the body using thick, but short rectangles. The leg on the right side is also perfectly aligned with the body of the animal.

How To Draw Funny Cartoon Cows

sketching more body parts

Inside the head, you can draw the eyes using two large oval shapes. These are the only circular shapes used in this tutorial (besides the pupils). Below the eyes, you can add the muzzle using another thick rectangle.

On the right side of the body, you can sketch a small broken line to create the tail. Once you are done, you can also draw the two missing legs. These new legs must be higher than the previous ones to create a little bit of perspective. The fore udder is also drawn using one thick rectangle located between both pair of legs.

How To Draw Funny Cartoon Cows

working with fun details

On both sides of the head, you can draw the ears using small rectangles. A tongue is also sketched below the muzzle. The tip of the tail is made using another thin rectangle. Complete this steps with the addition of hooves and teats. Great work! This lesson on how to draw funny cartoon cows is progressing nicely.

How To Draw Funny Cartoon Cows

adding the pupils, the patches and more ...

Small circles are used to create the pupils. Inside the muzzle and the tongue, small lines are also added. Once you are done working inside the head, you can draw the horns on top of the head. Finally, five large patches made from squares and rectangles are drawn on the body of the cow. We are done sketching and drawing this funny animal. It's time to proceed with a more interesting step ...

How To Draw Funny Cartoon Cows

working with colors and gradients

Now that the character is drawn, we can add colors to the illustration to bring this one to life. A beige color is required inside the ears, the fore udder and the muzzle. The patches and the hooves can be black. Finally, add subtle gray colors inside the horns, the head, the body and the legs. You can use a darker color for the legs located on the far side. This can help create more perspective in your image.

How To Draw Funny Cartoon Cows

Feel free to experiment and draw more versions. You can change the posture, modify the facial expression and try new things. Just be creative. If you need more help drawing the current animal, you can also look at the image below. This one is featuring all six steps needed to draw this fun animal quickly and easily.

How To Draw Funny Cartoon Cows

Now that we are done learning how to draw funny cartoon cows, you can try more fun animals from this site below. Each character is featuring different challenges that can help you improve your drawing abilities in no time. You can also use these templates to create more funny cows with amusing facial expressions. As long as you are sketching on a daily basis, practicing is the key to become better at drawing. Have fun with these lessons now! :)

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